CHA 2015: Dina Wakley for Ranger

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I adore Dina Wakley – this is no secret. I strongly recommend her books, and I love her style as an artist. What I love the most though, is that she’s making products that will allow us to feel more inspired, and more able to create great art without any drawing talent. This appeals to me greatly!

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From her sketchy girls to her scribbly birds – the six new sets of stamps released are fantastic. My personal three (that I pre-ordered already!) are the birds, flowers, and the heart with sentiment sets.

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Her new paints are three metallic colors + black which should add a lot of possibility to her existing twelve colors.

Another product she’s got? The one I’m MOST excited about? The pen converting tip for her paints. What I mean is – she’s releasing a tip that can be put on any Dina Wakley paint. It means that I can have the color, quality, and texture of Dina paint… but detail of a paint pen. Excited doesn’t begin to cover my feelings on this.

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The tip has a part that goes up in the paint tube… and that’s the best part because it will prevent the thing from clogging or drying out. FANTASTIC!

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Dina was even kind enough to let me try it out and let me just say I really can’t wait for these to hit stores next month. It will let me doodle and play in a way I’ve not ever been able to figure out before – without resorting to paint pens that I don’t like. HUGE!  FABULOUS!

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Important info/back on track now. Most of her products (if my notes are correct- lol) are shipping very soon – within the next month.

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She has such a playful and colorful style – I love watching her work and just looking at what she makes.

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One great technique she was demonstrating is taking her paint + a Tim Holtz foam blending tool and stamping.

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Just color the stamp, spritz once with water, stamp and repeat.

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very cool seeing the stamp work many times with one application of paint.

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In addition to the four new paints, six stamps, and the paint tip tool, Dina has a 9 stencils, and glazing medium being added to her line.

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Whether you like color, want to play with paint more, or just like the idea of some fresh designs in your creating you should check out Dina’s stuff.

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10 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Dina Wakley for Ranger”

  1. The paint tip is genius!!! I just ordered both of Dina’s books. I can’t wait to receiver them. 2015 is my year for art journaling with paint!!!

  2. Yay! New Dina birds. And how cool is that paint tip? Total genius. On the other hand, do I really need more stencils? Well, yeah, actually I DO. 🙂

  3. I love this gal!!! Was lucky enough to take her classes this summer. BTW, she will be back in the Bay Area on July 17-18! I will need to do more shopping as love her stamps, stencils and her paints are a dream to work with; the paint tip is a must. I did buy the fine line bottles this year but I think this will work even better. She is amazing as a teacher and person too. Thank you for this post.

  4. I loved your coverage and comments of the products coming out. Thank You so much for taking the time to share your thoughs with us. It gives me some time to save for the new must have products. I also agree with you that the Tim Holtz booth was the best by far.

  5. Great review, May! I love Dina’s books, too, and her paints are some of the best I’ve ever used. That new pen tip is THE BOMB! It’s going to change the way I art journal.

    It was great seeing you at CHA. Next time, let’s take a coffee break together, k?


  6. She is so clever! I’ve taken many of her online classes and am so happy for her that she now has her own product line! Love those bird stamps

  7. I can’t wait! I am a big fan of Dina’s products too (and Dina!) and can’t wait to order the new stamps… and probably stencils… and ….you get the idea!

  8. I love that paint pen tip. And her designs. I’m waiting for a May line though. Maybe soon? Michelle t

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