CHA 2015: Relics & Artifacts Sandra Evertson for Prima

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I’m not sure photographs can capture or explain why, but I’ll try. Sandra Evertson released a line of hard paste plaster shaped pieces molded from her own antiques with Prima. It was without question the most exciting thing at this show for me.

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The pieces will be sold in sets and can be combined, turned into jewelry, ornaments, part of mixed media pieces, décor… seriously so much potential for all this flat-backed awesomeness.

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From crosses to wings, hearts to skulls there are a great many items within the line.

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The possibilities? So endless. I loved seeing how the artist combined various pieces as well as painted, colored, and otherwise altered them.

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with every shape, every example I got more excited.

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Seeing them all up on the wall – just too exciting.

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These are true treasures, and not just that but how you use them and where and with what is entirely up to you. I am so into being given white/plain pieces that I can color and play with as I like.

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I want to say the cameo like ones are my favorites… but the medals… but the wings…

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the hearts. the skulls.

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Sorry can’t pick just one.

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As I said at the start of this piece, this is hands down my pick for #1 best thing at the show. My reasoning aside from being personally moved and itching to grab and run off with it all so I could come home and play (sadly I refrained) is:

  • It gives place to use any/all color mediums
  • very customizable
  • adaptable to a number of styles and projects
  • truly new (despite being so very old!)
  • gives a nod to the mixed media art as a strong trend while being interesting and new to the industry.

Now it’s true we’ve had resin pieces and charms and such – but nothing even close to these before. The quality of the originals and the set-up of this line is so great. From Christmas ornaments to mixed media shadow boxes – you’ll see me doing a lot with this line in 2015.

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Oh yes… let’s not forget those coins…

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I can’t get enough. I anxiously await February when these are anticipated to begin shipping to stores.

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6 thoughts on “CHA 2015: Relics & Artifacts Sandra Evertson for Prima”

  1. Thanks for giving us an up-close look at these, May. I saw them in a Prima sneak peek but it was really difficult to get an idea of the scale of the objects. They’re just amazing in their variety and detail and it’s great to see that vintage/altered is NOT a waning trend, but rather one that just keeps reinventing itself. (Lovely photos too, btw. I know it’s not easy to get good photos in the exhibition booths.)

  2. may,
    I have followed Sandra E.’s work for years and was so, so excited to see her art pieces at CHA!!!
    I too found them to be the very best part of the show. I am so gratified to find kindred spirits in the art world. I have seen your work also and find it lovely. So glad to have a place to put in “my two cents” about Sandra E. Thanks for the pics.
    p.s. Do you like Wendy Addison too???????????

  3. I live in the UK but I’ve been a fan of Sandra’s work since I first discovered the world of crafting about 2 years ago! I can’t wait to play with these extraordinary pieces. You are right – they are so new and so adaptable to all kinds of project. I love how you photographed them.

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