CHA: Doodlebug

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I always love getting my bright color fix over at Doodlebug. The one thing I will tell you is that their booth is notoriously hard to photograph. It is SO cute in person – but all those glass display cases and spotlights = hard to photograph. I’ll give it my best shot though!

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Glasses, mustaches, and a lot of cute icons were all over the Doodlebug booth. As always, their samples were clever and fun.

doodlebug (12) copy

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As you can see there are some holiday and more general lines coming soon. Another new thing is the great colors of enamel dots/accents they’re now making! You can see it above on Rudolph’s nose and near Santa. Here are all the colors.

doodlebug (11) copy

I’m really wanting all those lovely colors! And “Sprinkles” is such a cute name for them. Now here are some photos of the new lines:

doodlebug (10) copy

doodlebug (9) copy

doodlebug (5) copy

doodlebug (8) copy

In case you didn’t guess – the Christmas line is a particular favorite of mine. Though I am liking all the lines and have favorite pieces in each of them.

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  1. May,
    As always I am LOVING your CHA coverage. Your photos are awesome. Thanks so much for taking the time to do this for us consumers!

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