CHA: The Crafter’s Workshop

TCW (19)

The Crafter’s Workshop was quite simply, walls made of awesome. I looked and just went “I want. I want. I want.” Oh and the examples were SO inspiring too!


TCW (3)

Above a layout by Dina Wakley, below one by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer (and one of my personal favorite layouts – oh the texture!)

TCW (10)

TCW (15)

Below some stencils by Ronda Palazzari…

TCW (20)

I’m assuming the samples with Ronda’s stencils are hers – but I don’t know for sure.

TCW (22)

Oh the color. The patterns. The possibility!

TCW (26)

So in love with this look…

TCW (27)

And this cool use of tags on a layout by Julie…

TCW (29)

Oh, this feather stenciled layout… the texture, color, and Julie’s honesty in her journaling always make her pages ones that suck you right in.

TCW (33)

More from Dina…

TCW (35)

TCW (36)

A USA stencil that is really cool.


And more stencil love…


I could honestly gush about EVERY stencil they released. I’m not sure how I will pick what I want and don’t want. I like that some of them have more of a mask design (like the one pictured above) .

If I had to pick 10 favorites, they would be these ones:


Want to see them all? Check out the Crafter’s Workshop website. Also, I recommend Julie, Dina, and Ronda’s blogs for more photos + ideas with their fabulous stencils!

10 thoughts on “CHA: The Crafter’s Workshop”

  1. Oh, these stencils are getting very excited to see them in stores soon. Absolutely love Ronda’s creativity and her talent is just amazing. Now I need to wipe up the drool off my desk. 😉

  2. They are so yummy. I’ve been following Ronda and Julie and have been loving all their releases. I just need to find a way to finance getting them all!!

  3. how to pick a favorite?! everything looks delicious. crafters’ workshop always has such fabulous stencils.

  4. I know I wanted them……but now I NEED them!! thanks May my will power is shot!
    lol hope you are good x

    kaz x

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