CHA: Tim Holtz Idea-ology

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Because I had SO MANY Tim Holtz photos, I’m breaking this into two posts. First, let’s peek around the idea-ology booth!

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I loved the Christmas bits and pieces hiding, his vintage treasures, and overall how this booth was decorated. I ALWAYS love this booth – this year was no exception.


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The focus with this release is Halloween & Christmas. Two new paper pads, rub-ons, and new trims are just a few of the treasures you can watch for coming to stores in the next few weeks/months. I’m going to start saving up now – because there is some seriously fun stuff!

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These stars, which I believe have been alcohol-inked, are so cool! This particular photo might be my favorite just because you can see how beautifully they take color and how much fun these could be plain (clear) or colored.

tim (69)

yes, ice skate embellishments. SO CUTE! Now let me show you some more from the Christmas side…

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Is it December yet?! No – no I don’t want to rush into that because first we need some Spook-tacular Halloween goodness.

tim (68)

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I can’t wait to try out the metal borders & letters, the skulls, the new paper, and oh those rub-ons! Can you handle a few more photos from this booth? I tell you, I could wander it all day there was SO much to see! Here are some projects from the ‘spooky’ side…

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tim (28) copy

tim (26) copy

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SO much awesome!! Seriously – all the vintage treasures and amazing samples are absolutely amazing. There is so much detail, texture, and technique- truly inspiring. I’ll be back in a few days with more photos from the Ranger booth and more. I’ll also continue my CHA coverage posts daily. In the meantime, for more TIMspiration check out Tim’s website and blog here.

7 thoughts on “CHA: Tim Holtz Idea-ology”

  1. Awesome pictures – the next best thing to being there! I have a totally random question: how do you decide which of your pictures to watermark and how? I noticed that a few have no watermark, a few have a large watermark, some have a small watermark, and some have an almost-hidden watermark.

  2. Hey Cindy! the bigger size is the standard, I just tried to shrink/resize so that it will fit someplace and not be in the way or covering any of the good stuff. 🙂

    As to which ones… I am doing all my CHA photos. It would seem I missed a few! When sorting 50+ photos of each booth down to a more manageable # it’s bound to happen.

  3. May thank you so much for sharing your pictures! I knew I would love Tim’s booth and I can’t wait to get my hands on his new releases, I am going to use his Christmas line for my Dec. Daily.

  4. Oh my! Look at all those goodies! I could spend a bunch of time just gazing at all of that!

  5. May, thank you so much for generously sharing your photos with everyone that could not be there. We crafters really appreciate it!

  6. Would it be wrong to say I just want to live with Tim H??? I just love all his vintage stuff!!! Amazing!

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