Distress 101 [and an exclusive discount code!]

It has been an exciting time around here! I just found out (shhhh!) that Big Picture wants Camp Scrap to come back as an (all new) class this summer – you heard it here first! In the meantime I’m keeping busy with lots of fun projects including getting ready for opening day of Field Guide – the FINAL run of my 12 week technique, video, project, and craft-stravaganza class at Big Picture. If you’re interested or want more information you can find it here.

Now, I’ve been here in the studio filming videos and making bonus lessons to add into Field Guide, and as long as I had the camera out and was in the zone I thought… why not make a distress video to share here on my blog? I get asked all the time about how I use distress products (ink, stain, markers, and now paint), and what the differences are. So – I present to you a 20 minute “distress 101 primer” class:

[link to you tube]

Here are links to the complete collections, some surfaces I used in the video and/or recommend, and also my top five most used distress colors in ink pad, pen, and stain: 

Funny enough – you see a lot of orange and yellow here and those are so NOT favorite colors of mine, it just so happens that they get used a ton. It is important to think about what colors you’ll use (vs which you find prettiest) when buying inks and color mediums for sure! As much as I adore my purple distress colors, they don’t see a ton of action. So because some of my favorite (but less used) distress colors are not represented, here are my personal 9 favorite colors not already mentioned above.

(I’m just showing these in ink pad form – but all are available in some other form as well)

Well there you have it – I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini course on how (and why) I love distress products! I feature projects with them here on a regular basis of course, and I share a lot more videos, tips, and ideas in my class that starts in a few days Field Guide as well! If you’re interested in joining that class be sure to do so soon – registration ends in just a few days.

If you have any distress (or Field Guide) questions – feel free to ask away!

My friends at Simon Says Stamp are offering a special discount code just for my blog readers! Use the code RANG20 now through February 4th to receive 20% off of all Ranger products So if you’re looking to add some distress colors to your collection – or any other Ranger goodies now would be a great time!!

17 thoughts on “Distress 101 [and an exclusive discount code!]”

  1. Loved the video! Thanks! Love all your videos and I would certainly be interested in a future video on the different surfaces (glossy paper etc…). Thanks for the continuous inspiration, May!

  2. This was so very helpful. Thank you for taking the time to share your knowledge and thoughts about these products and the discount code as well.

  3. Congratulations on the Camp Scrap news – fantastic! And a fab video, thank you for that, and to SSS for that amazing discount – probably even makes it worth shipping to the UK!!
    Alison x

  4. Just want to say thank you so much for this video! You answered SO many questions I had about distressed mediums. You may give Tim a run for his money-LOL!!

  5. Thanks for this video…so helpful! O do have a question about Field Guide. I would not be able to participate for almost half the time but I am dying to take the class. Will it be offered as a Self Pace class after it runs live?

  6. Thanks for your video. I’ve only used the distress ink and keep looking at the stains when I’m in the store but have not picked any up yet. I do like the idea that once dry the Distress Paint is no longer activated by water. I can see stamping with it and then using water colors over or one of the other distress products.

    I hate to admit it but although purple is sort of my signature color I don’t seem to use the Concorde Grape distress ink that much. I do think I would use Salty Ocean so that will be my next purchase I think in stain formula.

    Thanks for inspiring and motivating me to try different products and techniques!

  7. Great video. I had to watch it twice. Also thanks for the discount. I ordered the new acrylic paints. I took your class last year and signed up for this years class. Will the newer stuff be at the end or will it be mixed in?

  8. Thanks May! This video was so helpful and just the right length. Can’t wait to see your video on the distress paints! And I love the Hawaii layouts.

  9. May, thank you SO MUCH for posting this video. I have used my distress products in such a limited way compared to how I will use them after watching your primer. You certainly have the gift for teaching!

  10. May, thanks for the video…it has really helped to clarify the differences and uses of distress mediums for me. I am wondering about both the distress markers and distress ink with the the felt blenders. I like to blend but I am afraid that I will get residue from the first colour I blend with the second and sequential colours. Will colours transfer onto the marker tips or ink if you continue to blend? If so, how do I keep my colours pure?

  11. I have been trying to figure out how to use distress markers and stamps forever. They work ok with rubber stamps, but acrylic clings seem iffy. I am going to try the misting technique! Thanks for the great video!

  12. Great video May, thanks! Sadly I left all my distress inks and stains back in Oz. I did bring my markers to HK with me though.

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