5 things I learned today in class.


I just sat down and caught myself up on days 2&3 of the Tim Holtz online class. I highly recommend it. Here are 5 personal observations and lessons learned tonight.

– I just won’t ever love the way loads of alcohol ink colors look together on any project I make.

– I’m glad I get to visit an awesome store this weekend. I need some new colors of archival and some of this stamping paper.

– I want to play more with watercolor effects

– I don’t need to try all his ideas. Watching and learning is great, as is another perspective.

– making a small tag ring for the things I do try is fun and quick. Also the creative outlet without too much thinking (just mimicking his techniques) is a great warm up to an evening of craftiness.

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  1. I hardly ever use the few alcohol inks I have, but I experimented with them yesterday. After adding lots of brown inks & blending solution I liked the results. I hade one tag that went wrong after stamping, so I cut out the segment I liked & added it to another background. It looks pretty good I think. So I shall keep that in mind for alcohol inks.
    I’m enjoying the classes, they’re helping me get the various inks etc clear in my mind.

  2. I too need to catch up with Tim’s class and have to say that I am seriously loving the watercolour effects (plus all the other suff … lol)! Great class! I’m also way behind on the challenges you’ve given out these past two weeks, May, in your wonderful BPC class!!! I love the challenges as they give me a ‘starting point’ for a project … I have them all listed and only know that the list will get longer, but I love it all … so keep ’em coming May … I can take it!

  3. I am loving this class also. It is really great to find out the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of things as well as new ways to use what I have had for years. Online classes in general are great as I can take them in my yard, at the local Starbucks or at the park.

  4. I am behind in your class May at BPC and now I have added Tim Holtz’s class to be behind in too. Thanks for the advice about not having to do every technique he demonstrates! It is a big help. I don’t have any glossy paper to do the Alcohol Ink agate effect so I’ll just skip that one for now. I did love doing the watercolor effect. What a beautiful way to soften a stamp image!

  5. Love the ring idea!! Gonna do that with my Christmas tags … you are really awesome, love your honest ‘I am who I am’ approach!

  6. I’m finding I need a little time to digest everything, and then figure out which techniques I’d like to try. Don’t have much in they way of alcohol inks, so I’ll probably skip that one, but there is so much great information in this class!! Finding it a great companion to Field Guide!!

  7. I am following your lead all the way on this one.So far what I’m loving best is all the little tips that I didn’t know-like tipping your stamp so you can see if it’s well inked.That will probably save me $35 in supplies due to my screw ups in just 6 mos.No good stores close but Joanne’s had free shipping no minimum so I did order the LaBlanche stamping paper and a small black Archival ink pad.Got to try pre-inking my clear stamps.But I’m holding off on any big orders until it’s all done and I know which techniques I want to try.My pocketbook and I thank you for your clear thinking.

  8. I’m just about to sit down and do today’s (Day 5) tags; I agree they’re a great creative warm up. As for alcohol inks, I far prefer the results if I choose just 2 or 3 similar colours plus a metallic than if I go for several very different ones. I’m also not a big fan of the texture you get with the felt applicator, but do like to put some colours on a craft sheet and drag the glossy cardstock through it for a more blended effect; I think that’s in Tim’s first book as monoprinting. If I use sticker letters to mask a word first and then outline the letters after removing the mask it totally reminds me of how you are always outlining your titles, May.

  9. I must say I’m with you on the alcohol inks … in fact I might even get rid of the few that I have.

    Now i need to catch up on Days 4 and 5!

    I don’t think my Distress Markers will arrive in time for me to play this week though

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