PCRT 106

I was a guest on the podcast Paperclipping Roundtable this week (episode & special offer on my double take Big Picture class HERE).

An interesting topic – scrapbook procrastination. I noted that the main thing that makes me put off projects is if they are too important, or I’m worried about messing it up. The cure? REMOVE the fear.

I will tell you – I used to scrap with a LOT of fear. If you’ve read my creative journey – well you know I didn’t just become a fast crafter. NOOOO. I’ve got three big tips for happier crafting:

1. Put in the hours. Sit (or stand) with your supplies. Shuffle ’em. Play. Try things. Expect to make ugly stuff sometimes. WE ALL DO!

2. Don’t expect overnight success. For most of us mere mortals, getting great at something takes time + practice (see #1).

3. Do what YOU love, because YOU want to. Don’t craft for someone else – own that it’s your hobby and you want to spend time on it. That you choose to take time and scrapbook. There’s no right answer, there’s no right or wrong way. Vacations or everyday moments, deep journaling or just the basics – it’s YOUR scrapbook.

Create, play, enjoy. 

6 thoughts on “PCRT 106”

  1. I loved this episode of PRT and the thoughts and advice expressed by the panel. I have been checking the Scrapbook Update blog since listening to PRT and now I have found yours. will be back often!

  2. I haven’t even finished reading your post yet May, but think I’m going to make a big sign that says “Expect to make ugly stuff sometimes” and hang it in the Glitter Grotto here. Oh, that my craft space even has a name is entirely your fault; I heard you refer to the Bat Cave (and other less charitable names recently 🙂 ) one too many times, and decided my little creative space needed a moniker, too.

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