Distress + stamped tag

Where do I even begin with brushed corduroy distress stain?! It’s *THE* color I most wanted, and also the first color I got now that Tim Holtz distress stains are available in EVERY color.

Ah, but you know how it goes. Get something new that you’re dying to play with and suddenly it doesn’t work on anything you’ve got planned. But that’s ok. Know what you can do? A tag, card, or other small quick project. That’s just what I did this morning.

I pulled out my new + fabulous Hero Arts stamps (jewel daisy, old letter writing, and bird collage) and got busy. Layering colors, adding in some glossy accents, even a bit of my new favorite perfect pearls mist (sunflower sparkle)… what a fun way to start a day. Would you like to see how I did it? Here’s a video start > finish. Note – if you click on it you can watch in better resolution/HD + full screen too:


If you have questions feel free to ask here – I’m happy to answer questions. If you’re wanting more info on the distress stains then just stay tuned. This project was a warm up, I’m working on a full review for Scrapbook Update this week!

Happy creating…

22 thoughts on “Distress + stamped tag”

  1. Love. love and love this !!!
    I work similar to this, just trying out what works and ….yes what works! I’m always happy with the results ‘cos you just can’t predict the outcome. thanks you for the inspiration,

  2. love it! I just watched your video using the kraft resist paper yesterday and made a card with it! I love when you give us these spur of the moment tutorials! Thanks!

  3. Thanks May for this fun tutorial. Loved the colors and how easy you made it look. Question: What’s the biggest difference between the stains and the distress inks? I really don’t have the money to go out and get a set of stains, but I already have a nice collection of inks.

  4. I will be covering this in detail, but essentially they are the same – one is in ink pad form, the other liquid. If you have the distress ink pads you can rub/apply all over and make projects (like the tag I just did here) just the same. Difference? It took me moments, it’ll take you much longer with a pad.

    That’s why these were invented. They are that same AWESOME that is distress ink pads, but in a pure fluid form that covers larger areas much faster.

    I would suggest just considering your top/most used color(s) in stain form. So much I can say on this subject – be sure to watch for my article.


  5. Great video May. (Now why didn’t you hear me yelling – that stain is over there on the lower right of the screen, May? LOL!) You always come up with fun stuff. I had a splendid weekend but hope the next time you’re in Elk Grove I’m able to take your class. We must plan cropping some time this fall.

  6. wonderful video – great tag love that sparkle and especially liked your painting tool!

  7. Thanks for the inspiration May! Have you seen or used the white opaque distress ink…picket fence? What do you think?

  8. May ~~ I was so inspired by this video that I worked on some tags last night. Thanks for the GREAT tutorial!!! It got me out of my box =)

    Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  9. Thanks May. I will absolutely keep my eye out for your article. Have a great day.

  10. Thanks,May, for a tutorial loaded with ideas. I’m going to try that idea with the glossy accents outlining a stamp right away. I like seeing you usehe stains; still having some trouble with streaking on big areas. I wanted to ask what you think about the Goosebumps. Haven’t bought it yet. Thanks again.

  11. My favorite color is Brushed Corduroy, too! LOL

    Thanks for the video. I love peeking into other people’s creative process. 🙂

  12. Love the finished tag and love the video – thanks May! Do you use your finished tags as embellies on LOs or do you make a tag book of techniques??

  13. Good question!

    Some become gift tags- that is most common.

    Or embellishments for pages. Or sometimes they come with me to classes then trash. Or sometimes tucked in happy mail projects

  14. I am just now growing my collection of Distress Ink pads. I think that I will need some Distress Stain to go along with them. Thanks for sharing! I love the tag 🙂

  15. Sunshine Sparkle has been my favorite for a while now. Love how it wakes up what it’s sprayed on. Thanks for the tute!

  16. Thanks for the video and sharing – I LOVE the new distress stains, my favorite use is distressing with them on the edges of all of my papers and especially on chipboard – so easy and such fun!

  17. Oooh. . .late to the party but great techniques here. I’m an ink & stain newbie. Thanks

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