Crazy May’s Monday Report. aka the btBTS notes.

Well, that was quite a weekend. Where do I even begin? I can’t put into words how much FUN I had, nor can I really explain the experience but I’m going to try! From teaching at Stamper’s Corner on Saturday morning to sorting tools into their appropriate bags Sunday night so that they could be shipped back to Wonka land Tim’s studio… it was 100% happy creative time. I am SO charged & inspired… ok a bit tired too but that’s ok.

Here. we. go.


starting at the top…
* ready at Stamper’s Corner for my Altered Book class! What a great shop, and AWESOME ladies joined me. Such fun playing!
* now time to drive! Going over 580 to get to the South/East Bay and down to Scrapbook Island!
* Pulling up, signs all over. I knew right where to go to find Tim!
* class time: Patchwork Pandemonium. AWESOME watching the color combos and pieces come together. Great to see so many familiar faces! Note the photo with the “star” – that’s Mario doing his BTS twitter updates!!
* Lobster corn chowder that I had for late night past my bedtime dinner. It was AWESOME – like best soup I’ve EVER had. OR was it just that I had forgotten to eat all day, then wasn’t hungry, then was starving once in my room?!

Day 2! bright and early! Here I am, the star of one of Mario’s famous BTS tweets! I’m a tissue tape dispensing NINJA! Seriously got the tape changing down!! On day 2 I met even more wonderful ladies – including a few I knew from previous classes. I also had a lady come up and say “it’s you! it’s CRAZY May!” I had another lady grab me and say “hey! You’re not just May. You are THE May Flaum!”  which cracked me up – ok so I’m not entirely sure why I’m THE crazy May Flaum… but ok. We can run with that. I’m ok with letting my freak/crazy flag fly.

Back on track now – here’s a photo of the door into the classroom. This store has a separate classroom space for events like this! The store is in a separate building (across walkway) and the employees were all so helpful and always smiling. Laurie (the owner) and I already talked about having a creative crop here in the fall… can’t wait.

Speaking of smiles and awesome…

 I have so much respect for all the WORK (yeah, all caps) that goes into a Tim Holtz event before, during, and after. From prepping the kits to setting up for each class, making it the best possible experience for all those in class – team Tim doesn’t rest! They work so hard to deliver the best possible class experience. It’s so obvious that they LOVE what they do, and that they really care about making every detail great. Of course having FUN is always key…

Also key: Starbucks. For those who follow Mario on Twitter – well you know what a huge deal that is! And yes, I got to go with Mario to Starbucks on a run too. (This picture is of Mario + store owner Laurie returning from a run)

This store is just a few steps from starbucks, and that kept everyone caffeinated + energized + happy.

EVERY time I walked into the store? I nearly fainted from bliss. I think they had close to EVERY “Tim” product there is. Not to mention they had ALL of the distress stains! and so much more. Oh, and a  rock staff. Have I mentioned them? The girls were nice, smiling, helpful, and genuinely HAPPY the whole weekend. I was super impressed.

above: mega eye candy… my precious… wanted to just sit and be one with the distress color…

btBTS! I was behind the (famous) behind the scenes with Mario! ALWAYS smiling. I couldn’t help myself but smile too!

From setting up to tearing down, helping students, passing out bottles of water, whatever needed to be done really – everyone was always on the move. *and* it was fun. Loved chatting with crafters, taking photos of people with Tim, and just being there. Helping out in whatever way I could.

Bottom line? Everyone there was happy to be there, enjoying themselves, and it really showed. It made the work a pleasure – and isn’t that what it’s all about?

it’s also about making some cool stuff… these pics are all of Tim’s sample projects…

Now that I’ve finished this epic post (which, so does NOT capture the weekend but hopefully gives you some glimpse!)  I’m off to spend the rest of the day creating and playing and experimenting. I have some projects that I’ll be sharing that I think you will enjoy!! I learned some new tips & tricks that I’ll be incorporating and sharing over the upcoming weeks and beyond.

2 last notes:
– If you were at the last class + want the full size/unedited group photo shoot me an email and let me know! Happy to share it.
– want to see almost all my photos? I’m creating a photo album on my facebook page: that you’re welcome to check out.

17 thoughts on “Crazy May’s Monday Report. aka the btBTS notes.”

  1. Well Crazy May – thanks for the memories – a great & creative time was had by one & all. I love all of your photos – wish I could have stayed for the 2nd class on Sunday. What a mad hatter/mr toad’s wild ride weekend for you. Scrapbook Island is certainly an oasis for many of us. Have fun this week!

  2. It’s the crazy may creator!!

    Yes indeed. Love the oasis of happy there, and will be visiting again. I’m so glad you came – and by the way the nickname seems to be sticking. 🙂

    Crazy May

  3. Thanks for the photos. Looks like everyone had a great time. Maybe one day I can actually take a live class by you or Mr. Tim. I will be signing up for your class at BPC, although I think live would be so much more fun!

  4. Online is entirely different… but still SO fun. I like the way it’s longer and you get to work at your own pace with your own supplies… but something about in-person. You’re right. It IS fantastic.

  5. hi may, or should i say “crazy may”?
    so nice meeting you at the island this weekend. glad you had a good time with us, in spite of that hotel woman who is lucky to still be alive ;+)

    please please come back and do something creative with us again real soon, ya hear?

  6. Ha Ha, my favorite line is you wanting to just sit there and be one with the distress color!!! Thanks for sharing with us. Off to sign up for your BPC class:)

  7. Hi May! Aww i was so in AWW and excited to my in one of THEE Tim Holtz’s classes I never had a chance to stop and say hi and I really wanted a picture with you! Boo..hoepfully next time! Thanks for coming out and spending the weekend with us!

  8. May..where do you live? I know you can’t say on the blog but I kind of live in between Elk Grove and San Jose…wine country…I didn’t know you were around here! I guess I thought you lived in Big Picture land! 🙂 Where else do you treach…Scrapbook Territory?

  9. Loved it and loved having you there!!!! Such an amazing weekend!!!! 😉 ps… Love that I’m in your post lol

  10. TFS the pics! Do you teach at all on the East Coast or only out in CA? Well one day if I venture out that way I will have to see if you are teaching at that time.

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