Wow. It’s been so busy here (BPC classes, deadlines, bathroom being worked on…) that I forgot to blog!

In fact- today is so nuts I’m blogging from treadmill @ gym via iPhone. Eek!

But I’ve got fun stuff coming right up…


Time again for classes! I’ll be in Berkeley tomorrow at scrapbook territory…


I’m teaching 2 classes and I will have a few extra kits for sale + there are still a few spots open if you want to join in the fun…


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  1. lol – I can’t believe you’re blogging from the treadmill! You go, girl!!! I don’t really have any portable web devices, not even a laptop or web enabled phone. But, I’ve always said I TOTALLY wish I could scrap while I’m on the elliptical… wonder if I’ll ever come up with a way to do that!! 🙂 Your classes look like fun! Wish I was close and could take one of your classes!

  2. Wow, on the tradmill no less. I cannot seem to even get motivated today for anythig. Love the way you packaged your class kits, and I am anxious to see what your class will be doing with them. Think I am going to walk my puppy. I get some exercise to boost my mood, and Guillen will be a happy dog.

  3. wow cutting titles by hand seems painful. i was never good at it! Applauds to you!

  4. Way to multitask, girl!!! 🙂

    I use my elliptical time at the gym (I’m terrified of treadmills after knee surgery- I’m afraid I’ll go flying off the back, which at my gym means right over the balcony…) to read and catch up on Twitter. Any way to squeeze a few extra minutes out of the day, right? 🙂

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