Books, books, oh how I love books… {give-away inside}

It’s no secret I love me some fiction. When I’m not doing something creative, I’m in my chair reading. So it delights me when somebody wants me to review a book – and I’ve done a few guest reviews. In fact – today my review of the latest Nora Roberts novel is up at Mandi aka Smexy’s blog. I’ve been reading her blog for a while (funny + loves romance books = I like) and I’ve chatted with her on Twitter regarding important issues like Thor action figures, series we are fan girls about, etc… so I was happy to review the book on her blog!

book review in summary: Well – it was LONG… and ok on the slow/dull side but great characters.

Mandi is sending me some more books to check out so I’ll be sure to let you know if more review goodness happens from me.

I *do* in fact have some serious summer reading (by serious I mean read lots, not actual SERIOUS book readin’) to recommend to you and I will take time to post about that soon-ish. Definitely during my month!!! But for now I want to give away two of my favorite novels:

Agnes = cranky chef who finds herself in the middle of a big ‘ol mob/government hitman/wedding mess. I LOVE IT. She’s kick ass in the kitchen + will use her tools to defend if needed. *LOVE* Have read it at least a dozen times. Jennifer Crusie + Bob Mayer = fabulous together.

all i ever wanted = sweet love story that has it all from humor to emotional moments + dogs. You know I love novels that have good dog characters. 🙂 Kristan Higgins writes really sweet love stories. love her.

I will pick two winners – just leave a comment with which book you’d like to win – or just put either if you would like either one!

note: these authors have no clue who I am – I’m a fan girl who occasionally buys books to give-away right here, and yes… I have more coming…

42 thoughts on “Books, books, oh how I love books… {give-away inside}”

  1. Both of these books sound like fun reads! So I say Either – if ZI were lucky enough to win! Love, love, love books too!

  2. Either would be lovely – I am sure I’ll enjoy just about anything you recommend. (I’m reading my way through the Zoe Archer Blades of the Rose series now, and I’d never have found them if you’d not recommended them, so thanks!).

  3. I’ve read Agnes and the hit man and it’s a crazy, fun, hilarious book! I’d love to read all I’ve ever wanted, and I need to start on the Zoe Archer series.

  4. I love books of Jennifer Crusie!! Already years ago I read Charlie All Night, What the Lady wants and Bet Me!! All were great!! 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!!

  5. I have not read either of htose books and would love to win ine to read!! Thanks for the chancce!

  6. I bought All I Ever Wanted after your first review a year or so ago and LOVED it! I have since bought several more of her books and shared them with the members of my book club. I would like the chance to win the Jennifer Cruise book. I have not read anything by her yet.

  7. I cannot decide which one so I must say either. They both are being added to my want to read list. Thank you most generous May.

  8. I LOVE culinary mysteries! Agnes would be SO my kind of book! My favorites in the genre are Dianne Mott Davidson’s books!

  9. I want to read “All I Ever Wanted” now that I’ve heard your description. 🙂 I’m trying to read 50 books this year, so this will help get me there!!

    Thanks for the giveaway, May! 🙂

  10. I love your review posts, I trust your opinion on them. I would love to read “All I Ever Wanted” by Kristan Higgins. Thanks for the chance!! 😀

  11. Reading has sort of fell by the wayside for me in the last couple years. When I was pregnant, I was too tired. Post baby, I don’t have time. Oh I carve out me time. I just end up spending it on scrapbooking, exercising, or….I’m a geeky person, so computer games get in there too. But then I pass by my bookshelf that contains my Nancy Drew collection, or the 6 or 7 mysteries not yet read from my favorite authors…and I feel a little sad. Like I should make more time for reading.

  12. I’ll have to go with Angus and the hitman. even though a good dog story is great.

  13. I find it’s more habit than anything. A little reading with breakfast or lunch, a chapter before bed, book instead of a tv show…

    Its a habit I love.

  14. Either! I’ve been meaning to check out both of those authors. Know exactly what you mean by “serious summer reading”. 🙂

  15. I LOVE romance novels, besides scrapping reading is my passion love the feel of a good book in my hands so I would love to read All I Ever Wanted! Thanks May for the chance to win a book!

  16. I also enjoy Jennifer Cruise. I need some light reading. Thanks for the give-away!

  17. May I love your book suggestions . I read all the Zoe Archer books and LOVED them and I got my friend into them. I’d be happy to get either of these books as I trust your opinion. Our book tastes are very similar.

  18. I am a total lurker, but have always loved your book reviews. Missed them so I was excited to see this. Thanks for the try at the books I choose either. I am always looking for new authors! Although the pile is getting very large 🙂

  19. If I were to win one of your books I would prefer” All I Ever Wanted”. Thanks for being so generous with your give aways.

  20. Hi May,

    You never cease to add to the fun! I love how much you love reading; it has kept me inspired to read. Either book sounds like my kind of read. THANKS

  21. I love to read! Anytime I have a spare moment (like waiting in the pick up line to get my son at school) I READ>

    EITHER book is for me.

    Thanks for the chance at a Great prize!

  22. Would love to read either of these books. Both sound good and by authors that I do not know.

  23. I am a huge dog fan in books as long as nothing happens to the dog; then I become a crying, blubbering idiot. (my husband says I will cry about a dog faster than I will cry about a human – men!)
    I would love to read All I ever wanted. (or I will gladly take the other one if you choose me!)
    Have a blessed day!

  24. id love a chance at Agnes…….I always go and read the books you talk about……you havent steered me wrong yet !!! Thanks

  25. Thanks for the suggestions – I am always looking for new books/authors to read, so I would take either! Can’t wait for your summer reading recommendations! Thanks for the give-away.

  26. they sound great! I am always up for some new titles to read; i seem to reread books over and over b/c i JUST KNOW they will be GOOD! thanks for the giveaway!

    P.S. May, I can’t thank you enough for the giveaway i won! It was awesome! I got it today and you just don’t know how much I needed a something special and a surprise! Many thanks! Lisa M.

  27. I’m so excited that you have books to give away books. I would love to read Agnes and the hitman.

  28. To win either of these books would be great. Would be a first read from these authors!

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