is my crazy still showing?

I like to keep it honest ’round here. So I have a confession…

It can be a stressful, overwhelming time of year. I had about an hour today where I just wanted to opt out of the whole mess. Oh and I know my full crazy was showing when the weird man who approached me (for unknown reasons – but I suspect looking for change) at Bart in San Francisco’s Union Square ran away after I made eye contact with him. Yeah. I was MAXED OUT. I’m ok with admitting that too. I warned Jason I was a hair away from just loosing it and throwing a big ‘ol hissy fit right there, and I could not take any more. and to please for the love of god help me remain sane + not!!

A lunch at Gott’s, some yummy food & dessert shopping (Ferry Building), and a few samples later helped to restore me to a little better mental place. Not to mention my determination to have a good attitude and focus on the good. By the time it was time to move Buddy the Elf (our elf on the shelf) tonight, I had a bit of a chat with him and things are looking up.

We’re going to keep on making merry, carry on, and do so with a smile. It’s ok if you get to a place of being overwhelmed, maxed out, even full on crazed woman that can scare people with one look. What really matters is where you go with it. Do you stick with it? Or fight until you beat crazy back with a candy cane/cheery stick?!

I’m always a “try to look for positive” person – today was definitely no exception. I kept on breathing, trying to ignore my eye twitch, and looking ahead. Kept reminding myself of what was good here & now, and all the festivities I’m preparing for and how wonderful it all is. (even when I couldn’t quite believe it)

It’s the most wonderful time of the year dang it. And this girl is DETERMINED to be cheerful. Alright fine. I brought myself home some Macarons from Miette… aka one of my favorite treats ANYWHERE AND EVER… and that’s been big time helpful.

I don’t condone use of sugar as mood enhancer… but do what you gotta do in desperate times my friends.

PS – it would seem (of course, since I was gone all day) the USPS has decided to release quite a few of my letter and package hostages. A very excellent mail day sure did help me re-focus and smile.

12 thoughts on “is my crazy still showing?”

  1. Your crazy is the same as always – it’s not you peronally it’s the universe somthing out there has all of us going a bit more wacky than usual it’s that wonderful time of the year. and then add being in san francisco just adds to the insanity. You are doing quite well, Buddy’s out and yes it was a good mail day wasn’t it. Now there’s the eclipse of the moon and tomorrow is the firs day of winter & winter solstice. Sweet dreams!

  2. LOL May – I had that same conversation with myself yesterday and again this a.m. To top the stress off, we have a very very ill family member in ICU so Christmas doesn’t feel like Christmas without her. But self talk and a pasted smile does help. Along with good cookies and candy canes of course

  3. Even though it’s (mostly) good stress, it’s still stressful this time of year. All the busy-ness of our daily lives + extra cooking/baking + something going on every weekend + shopping & wrapping & bears, oh my! I am officially allowing myself to *not* do some things I thought I might have time to do (bake goodies to bring in for work colleagues) in the interest of climbing in bed with the 4th book of the Nora Roberts Bride Quartet. 🙂

  4. Well, I was going to do ‘everything’ (I’ll spare you the details) AND paint my son’s room…my neighbor said I was nuts…and she was right of course. So, I took all the painting supplies out of the room until January. And then I made some cut out cookies and felt better. Now I’m on to my non Christmas stuff which has a deadline looming just after Christmas. Wish me luck!

  5. Next time you’re at the Ferry Building, go to the Farmer’s Market! They sell some amazing brown rice, almond butter and flour tortillas at a booth called Massa Organics. I know it’s not Gott’s, but that rice will make you so happy! Weird, I know, but true! Try it!

  6. Well if Farmer’s Market was there EVER on the days we end up going I would. LOL. It’s never lined up… but thanks for tip! I’ll watch for it.

  7. I have had to deal with my own crazy so just now catching up on some of the blogs I enjoy. I have deleted so many things I was certain I could do, but did not happen. Now I just need a cooperative body (really dealing with that arthritis, spinal stenosis and other fun things) so that I can do my share of cooking for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Oh my gosh, I have not wrapped a single present! Thank heaven for a willing to help husband who is willing to be creative too.
    Those macaroons look awesome. There must be something like that around here that I would not have to mail order.
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful blog and especially WDW pix.

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