A-Z with Mary Engelbreit

Need a bit of Christmas cheer?

I’ve always loved the art of Mary Engelbreit, and this paperback A-Z book of Christmas cheer was a most welcome surprise! The girls love me to read it to them, and I love getting lost in the detail of the illustrations.

It’s a very welcome addition to our holiday library! Here’s a link to Amazon – and I’m betting many local booksellers are carrying it as well. It’s become a near-daily read around here, and I’m sure it’ll be enjoyed for years to come. Oh how I love good happy Christmas reading while sitting by the tree with some cocoa.

Even just looking at these photos of the book make me smile!

note: In interest of full disclosure I want to tell you that this book was sent to me by Harper Collins, not purchased. But gotta tell you – I totally would have bought it had I seen it!

6 thoughts on “A-Z with Mary Engelbreit”

  1. Her look isn’t “my style” in artistic sense but I so enjoy looking at her detailed drawings and how merry she is. Love this book!


  2. I love anything she puts out – hadn’t seen this one. Hmm.. a shopping trip may be in order! Merry Christmas!!

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