photo batch 2: Scrapbook Pictures

I’ve used Scrapbook Pictures on a number of occasions, especially when they run a special (like free shipping or discount on prints) – and I’ve always loved the quality of images I get. They offer auto-correct as well as the option of having a person look at/correct imgs for you – which I think is super cool. When ordering they make it very easy for you to order special papers, sizes, and other options for individual images. I really appreciate that. They also have THE BEST selection of papers & sizes. SERIOUSLY. I don’t think I know of a site that is better in those regards.

Pricing is fair, and I’ve had good experiences. At 0.14 for a standard 4×6 photo, it’s only a penny more per print than my 1hr Costco, and WAY better quality. So why aren’t they my for sure go-to photo place? First of all, I wish they took PayPal. Secondly while I appreciate that I can look at and order specific sizes of pictures easily, it drives me NUTS that I have to put 1 page of photos in my “cart” at a time. Depending on my print needs, this could mean that I have to select all, add to cart, and repeat for quite a few pages. *groan* Finally, I don’t like that they do not send a shipping confirmation and that sometimes they seem to take a lot longer than other sites. In this order I placed on 12/11 it was not shipped until 12/15. That’s not bad… but it’s also not fast.

As expected, I was very happy with my prints in this order. I *loved* how my hipstamatic iPhone photos came out!! (and that I could order small square photos!!) All my photos looked great – including the “test” that I sent through. One that purposely needed some color correction.

So where does that leave me? I highly recommend them, especially if you want a fancy paper or an unusual size, and want to have it come out beautifully. They’re not perfect – but darn if they don’t make this scrapbooker happy once she gets her prints!!

4 thoughts on “photo batch 2: Scrapbook Pictures”

  1. OH YES. 2″, 3″, 4″, 5″… squares galore!!! 🙂

    Not just that – but a ton of other sizes in rectangles too. LOVE the variety!

  2. Thanks May. I love the hippstamatic app and your photos look great. What size did you order yours?

    About the cards, I’m just awful about sending cards. No one gets a card from me. Which means I am down to two Christmas cards received. And that makes sense to me. But I hope you are wrong about only sending out cards once you receive a card. That’s just so second grade! (I teach second grade).

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