I’m SO leaving chubby-ville.

Ok, so I’ve been on the fitness train a LONG time. When I look long-term and see that my daily cardio workout is at least four times more  than it was when I first started back up working out (after Becca’s birth)… when I see that I’m 60+ lbs lighter now than then… well that’s all GOOD. Problem is I’ve been within 10lbs of where I am now for over a year. Yeah – like 7lbs weight lost total in 2010. UGH.

So, it’s been a full week since my last real dessert and three weeks since I started trying harder to kick my work outs back up after recovering from a ligament/tendon issue that had me on ZERO exercise. In short, my diet is sickeningly low-calorie, low fat, healthy, personal trainer approved, and almost NO FUN.

I’m not complaining and I’m not wanting sympathy. What I want, is for the scale to show an improvement and to FINALLY make my goal of wearing the jeans that were my faves back in 2002. I’m already thinner than I was when I first got pregnant with Elizabeth. I want MORE. I already made it out of fat-town. Now I want out of chubby-ville once and for all.

I’ve been stuck in size 14’s for over a year now. Plateau is a great way to describe where I’ve been. Mostly injuries (old) flaring up have been keeping me at my current spot, preventing me from working out hard enough to get some more weight loss going on.

Excuses? Nope.  I COULD eat less. I could also do more to keep myself running on healthy (boring) stuff and skip a lot of the caloric killers.

Am I confident I can drop a size in the next six weeks? Yes.

Ok, so honestly I’m NOT that confident. It should be noted that I’m not new to healthy diet, exercise, or calorie counting. I am not looking for advice or a new way to do things. I believe in move more + eat less- a lot like Cathy always talks about. I believe in moderation and living a healthy lifestyle, not crazy diets or gimmicks. Heck – I’ve been active most of my life and on this current run I’ve been at this for 3 years… and I HAVE either maintained or improved myself almost that entire time. If I “fail” this, I’m not a failure. I just need to kick it up more notches… I’ve been TRYING for over a year to drop yet another size… and I haven’t. The fave jeans still aren’t zipping up, my old fave dress is still too tight to wear. BUT! I am thinking that if I imagine it as possible, if I am determined enough in my attitude, thinking, and (lack of) eating it can happen. I can kick my own ass down a size. (Well really, it’s my “I had 2 babies in 3 years” gut that is the problem)

Aren’t confident people supposed to be more successful? Isn’t there proof that attitude and positive thinking can take you farther than disbelief? I’m counting on it!!

Every day. Heck, every time I plan out some food to eat I think about my success. How skipping that bagel (400cal), choosing the apple instead of the (300cal) ice cream, and drinking water and not a cherry lime-ade (300+ cal) is both healthy and helping me with my goal. I can do this!

Fail or win – I’ll keep you in the know. After all – by posting this I’m making myself just that much more accountable and motivated (I hope).

If you’re like me and have fitness goals… there is just one quote I always think of to share with you and encourage you:

Do or do not. There is no try.  ~ {the wise and fictional Yoda}

Not working on fitness? Well that works for just about any subject… no excuses. Just do.

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  1. Good for you–I too am on a weight loss journey and meeting with moderate success, and I just made it into my size 14s again this weekend! And I just have to let you know that I use that Yoda quote all the time with my students in English!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’m just at the beginning of my journey. It’s hard to look back and see where I was just a few years ago and realize how hard I have to work to get back there.

    But get back there I will!

    Best wishes!

  3. You can do it! The last ten are hard to lose, and maintaining is even harder, but so worth it. I’ve been a Lifetime member of Weight Watchers now for close to three years and I do get to eat desserts, pizza, pepperoni bread, you name it. You just need to learn to balance the food and exercise. Once you find your groove, you’ll be there.

  4. This is going to sound so cliche, but…you go, girl!!!

    Way to work the Yoda quote in- that gets extra points in my book. 🙂

    Oh, and that it a really cool photo of you.

  5. Great picture!
    I know you’ll do it. It’s hard for me to believe how much has changed for me in just incremental steps in 1 year. I know if I had not found the right exercise routine for me I’d likely be in a wheelchair by now! This refelection helps my not being able to lose another 10 lbs. If I hadn’t been doing what I have, where would I be now? Nonetheless, my trainer is pushing me to do more and I’m making steps towards a better diet. I’ve always loved veggies and I’ve already seriously reduced the chocolate and sugar and eliminated sodas pretty much. Portion control is next! I know the urge to really push it but I’m afraid I might rebound so I’m still working on the bit by bit. We are not all meant to be a certain size and shape. Look at where we are now and rejoice in our awareness and what we can do this moment to be our best. I’m trying to grasp that zen awareness! Can you tell?

  6. Good for you. Like Denise, I’m a lifetime member of Weight Watchers but I fell off the wagon. I’m 7 pounds over goal so I have to pay $12 every month to weigh in. BUT IT’S WORTH IT. If I didn’t go I’d wind up back where I started.

    The best part of being fit is still being able to cartwheel and surf and have fun!
    You go girl!

  7. I have found the 30 minute Shred video to be quite helpful in getting out of chubby…..and pilates……it will take the chub off your tummy….that is for sure!! I love that you are transparent and honest on your blog. Good luck! You can do it!!

  8. Great post! I too am constantly trying to lose weight. I recently read my journal from 10 years ago and even then I was trying lose that last 10 pounds! Even my trainer said to me that the last 10 are always the hardest. I TOTALLY understand what you are going through. I’m glad you posted about it because we all need accountability. I just have one suggestion for you. Do you participate in any races…cycling, triathalons, running races? For me, training and running half marathons has helped me SO MUCH to get into shape. And anyone can do it. I know a lot of people do those sprint triathalons as well (not me, I don’t swim.) No matter what you do, its just really fun having a goal and achieving it. AND when you do run a 10+ mile run it is totally OKAY to eat that bowl of ice cream instead of that apple. That is why I run so much.

    So sorry to go on and on, this is just my most favorite subject to talk about. And by the way, the photo of you looks great! You look very athletic! 🙂

  9. No advise from me, just wanted to say – you look HOT! Awesome picture!
    And good luck of course. I know you can achieve all your goals.

  10. Just a thought…I’m not an expert…but I had to see a specialist for a wrist injury and I complained about the change in my clothes size after baby delivery etc. and he said, that since the pelvis moves due to delivery, I will now always be a size larger…and that was not due to weight gain. Oh well!

  11. Good luck! I’m sure that you will reach your goal with the determination that you have.
    Fantastic photo by the way.

  12. Totally feeling your pain! I need to lose 12 more pounds to get to my pre-preg weight and last nite hubby made these brownie/cookie bar things that were just incredible. Keep it up, you look amazing!

  13. I hear you about leaving chubbyville. Weight is something I always have and always will struggle with, and the more I limit my foods the worse I do.
    Over the last year I discovered Zumba which I LOVE and between that and trying to be much better about what I eat but not restricting myself from anything I’ve lost 30 lbs and gone down 2 pant sizes. I’ve been in a bit of a lull lately and haven’t seen any progress, but I’ve not been watching myself as much either.
    I’ve still 25-30 lbs to be at my goal, I’ve not given up just have to snap back to it.

    Good luck I know you can do it!!

  14. WOW May your story sounds like a pretty good success story to me but I know what you mean. It seems we always want MORE weight loss. I have lost 25 lbs so far this year but cant get OFF the last five because I dont want to sacrifce that much sticking to a diet and not being able to enjoy a treat sometime. I think my exercise hits plateus also. Keep up the good work. I havent lost much weight recently but with my new workout DVDs I am seeing inches lost which I like because it means a different dress size. Keep encouraged and you WILL MAKE IT!!

  15. That is such a great photo! and it shows off your tattoo really well also!

    I’ll join you on your weight loss journey. I am now heavier than when I was pregnant. I did WW 10 years ago and lost 12 kg(about 30 pounds) … and need to do it again now. Although realistically if I lost 6kg I’d be really happy

    Good luck!

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