Parisian Anthology

Have you SEEN the new Pink Paislee + Houseof3 line?! It’s fantastic. I have a video (FYI – HARD to hold camera and ink with one hand) It’s pretty pixelated… I almost didn’t post. But here it is:


I did an article about it and made the first (of MANY, I’m sure) layouts with it…

This stuff is SO fun. Link to article I wrote for Scrapbook Update. Info on the layout + many more pics + how-to shared on

I’m including some in one of my classes I’m teaching in Berkeley, CA (Nov 6) I love it so much… back to playing!!

5 thoughts on “Parisian Anthology”

  1. Just saw this at SU. Love ‘printed’ paper. I’ve missed a couple days and came back to a new look/ banner! Thought I was in the wrong place at first 🙂

  2. Thanks for the video – it’s always great to see how something really looks as you’re working on it as opposed to a photo (not that I don’t love photos too!) Need to get my hands on some of that stuff.

    BTW, my Tim Holz scissors and dusty concord paint arrived this week!

  3. Thank you for the video! What an amazing effect!! I have a couple of the P.A. elements, but can’t wait to get my hands on that stamp set!! So cute!!

  4. Great job w/ the one-handed inking, May! I have a question on the ink blending tool. I noticed you used it with two different ink colors on this video while you were blending them. Then do you have to replace the pad for the next time you want to use it? Do you go through a ton of the pad refills? I’ve tried using a makeup sponge with not-so-great results.

  5. I rinse w/water now and then (when pad gets dark) – I’ve had that single sponge in heavy use for 2 months now!!

    It works better if you go light > dark, then rinse. You can’t use a dark color then pastel – the pastel just won’t show… gotta rinse it off/dry a bit then it’s good to go again

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