{Girls Paperie give-away inside…}


I’m in the marathon slam-bang finish up to turn in the first 1/2 of my next (will start 2/3/2011) Big Picture class and things are… wild. So I decided to shoot my desk and what all is on it at the moment. In the following 1 minute video see if you can find:

  • my calendar I’m using to schedule the days of class content
  • my fave glimmer mist (dazzling diamonds)
  • copy of my tattoo sketch
  • maybe coolest Fiskars punch ever
  • awesome silver pen I swear by
  • Jolly Rancher (emergency sugar stash)
  • The container I store all my girls paperie stuff in
  • and finally… A GIVE-AWAY!! FROM The Girls’ Paperie!!


Yep. Let’s get some Toil & Trouble going!! Wanna win it? Comment here.

I’ll be back in a day or two to pick a winner – once I’m done editing handouts and writing promo materials!! Miss Janet and a few other 80’s/90’s classics will keep me fired up as I edit, photograph, and prep…

{and then get to work on other deadlines!!}

101 thoughts on “{Girls Paperie give-away inside…}”

  1. I see all of it on your desk but it’s the Janet Jackson music that makes your video complete although the pumpkin pop & your tat sketch are pretty cool!

  2. I had to watch the video to see which Fiskars punch you were referring to! I haven’t tried that one, so you’ll have to tell me what makes it the best. 🙂 I’m in love with the postage stamp squeeze punch! Hooooooooray for mail art! 🙂

  3. I love the product placement of the silver pen! Is the jolly rancher the pumpkin lollipop? Also love the wood grain stamp. Would love to win some Toil and Trouble!

  4. your desk looks like mine. Seen it all–like the sketch-your braver then me. Are those tim holtz scissors – I WANT THOSE. Music was the best – love JJ

  5. Tick on everything on your list! Fun to see all your stuff all over your desk but it doesn’t look as chaotic as I think mine would be if I was doing as much as you! Think I am going to have to sign up for your class!!! Exciting!

  6. What a fun way to show us what you’re up to! I’m liking the look of that orange tape, thanks for the chance to win

    ** Kate **

  7. I found everything. I might have to get that punch. Can’t wait for class to start. Thanks for the chance to win.

  8. Loved looking at your space, the bird house was cute! Would love to win me some Girl’s Paperie ,love 80’s music also(Rick Springfield being my favorite)!

  9. What a fun way to showcase many different things. I so hope that someday I can take a class through Big Picture classes. They all look so fun.

  10. My desk is sadly covered right now! I’ve let it get to the point where my scrap supplies are taking over! But hey…that’s ok by me. 😉 Thanks for the chance at some goodies!!
    – April W

  11. Love seeing a REAL desk. Yep, I’ve seen that scenario many times! 🙂
    Love that wood grain stamp!

  12. 80s music is the only way to go when you need some motivation!!! Good luck with all the class prep.

  13. Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble….isn’t that how it goes..? might just have to go check…!! I’m in Hong Kong I know probably out of postage range but thought would let you know that the video was fun !

  14. ooh I love their Halloween collection – thanks for the giveaway and good luck finishing up your class- excited to see it!

  15. I loved the tour of your desk. You were very sneaky with the jolly ranchers, hiding them in the back… I love the giveaway products, especially the pumpkin lollipop 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win!

  16. You’ve motivated me to get busy cleaning up my desk. Would love to win some Girls Paperie!

  17. I keep thinking I’m at the wrong place, not used to your new blog look yet !

    I don’t have the notebook punch ! Everyone seems to love it though. I did see a really cool wood background stamp and others as well ! I love anything “Tim” ! I need some of his stamps too and new inks!

    You should see my desk ! Actually, you wouldn’t be able to see anything but the legs of it ! LOL

  18. May — this is another awesome and fun video. Thanks for always sharing the right thing at the right time! No trouble, just “bubble, bubble”!!

  19. I so can’t wait for your new class next year!!

    Loving the real view of your desk mine looks like that most of the time LOL

    I have that fiskars punch and it’s one of my favorites.

    Love all the Girls Paperie stuff thanks for the chance to win ;o)

    Happy Creating!!

  20. Thanks for the peek at your desk. Lots of creative goodness is going on! Looking forward to your next class!

  21. The pumpkin lollipop was fun- nice touch! I need to get some of that Dazzling Diamond glimmer mist. Fun to get a tour of your desk!

  22. Another BPC class!!! You really do love purple, it looks lik eyou write in purple on your calendar too. My desk looks like this since I’ve been doing Lain’s LOAD challenge, again.

  23. My desk looks like that occasionally…yeah only occasionally. *wink* Loved JJ playing in the background. I got up and danced a little.

  24. Oh May, all of our crafting tables are a mess! I wonder what a video of mine would tell you? hee hee I would LOVE to win some GPP Halloween goodies— a girl can never have enough embellishments, right?!

  25. Now I’ve got Janet stuck in my head! That’s okay though because she rocks! The way I feel is scrapping is not complete without a mess! I have that same mist and love it too!!

  26. Would love to have my work space look like yours. It’s all perspective i guess. Thanks for a chace to win some girl paperie….love them!

  27. I would love some Girls Paperie products! Also I agree that the Fiskars border punch in your video is the best yet. I want one so badly, but just waiting to see it in one of my LSS where I can use a good 40% off coupon. (sigh)

  28. Your desk speaks “genius at work”. Can’t wait to see what the future holds for your new class!

  29. Thanks for the video tour! Love the background music, can’t go wrong with a little Ms. Jackson!

  30. Thanks for the chance.
    I just got that Fiskars punch but haven’t had a chance to use it yet.

  31. Ahhh!!! That wasn’t so bad! At least you don’t stack and stack stuff to the point that it falls over onto the floor….at least you didn’t show us that 🙂 Toil and Trouble is my favorite Halloween line this year…would love to get some of it for free!!!! Thanks.

  32. your messy desk is not so messy – mine has been much worse!! I love the video – very cute idea!!I would love to win some of the Girl’s Paperie also = thanks for the opportunity!!

  33. The peek at those acrylic stamps…with the clock face..oooo…and the ribbons and the embellies…how great is this? And we can’t forget the sucker pumpkin…the desk looked like a fun place to be! I also peeked at the bird house…I love bird houses!

  34. Lots of fun stuff there! Love those purple letters too. Looking forward to your next class! So, would you believe that I do not have ANY Halloween stuff? Nothing! I think winning some Toil and Trouble would be fab! Thanks for the chance!

  35. It is comforting to know that someone else has a desk like mine! And I do not think I have loved a brand as much as Girls Paperie. This is a great giveaway.

  36. At least you can get to your desk..working on cleaning mine up to play with making a halloween banner. Toil and trouble would fit it perfectly!

  37. Ohh! That is an awesome Fiskars punch…I need to get one of those…havent seen them anywhere local yet tho! Happy Halloween 🙂

  38. You’re too fun! I sure enjoy reading your blog. You always, always, always give me a smile!

  39. Did someone mention Halloween stuff? Your desk looks better than mine at the moment. Can you believe it’s taken me all day to make one card?

  40. Froze the frame several times to see if I could read your calendar! Would loooove to know about your next class! Thanks for the chance at a giveaway!

  41. Your desk looks like such a fun place to work with a bird house, stamps, pens, Glitter Mist, ribbon and that FABULOUS punch that I have been looking for!

    Will be signing up for that class! Thanks for entering me in the drawing!

  42. Thanks for the tour of your scrap desk. Fun! Thanks for the chance to win cool Halloween stuff.

  43. Thanks for your scrap desk tour and for the chance to win a great collection of halloween goodies!

  44. Hee hee, I always feel better about my desk after looking at yours!! Can’t wait for your next class girlfriend 🙂 Sign me up for the giveaway! Thanks!

  45. Can’t wait to hear about your new class! Keep creating – a messy desk is the sign of a brilliant person!

  46. Sounds like lots of us are anxiously awaiting the start of your new class! I am still smiling about all that I learned and accomplished in the last one! Love all the goodies hanging out on your desk and know some lucky person is going to win. Would love for it to be me!

  47. Hmmm, don’t think we saw any sneaks of the new class content, did we? Gotta love desk tours – the online equivalent of peeking in windows. Of couse I love your decorated bird house, I seem to have a thing for them.

  48. Your desk looks like my entire scrap room right now, it seems like as soon as I get it organized and clean I start a new project and everything is all over the place again. Its a vicious circle.

  49. Love your desk, reminds me of mine when I am creating. Things kind of pile up but they are easy to get to that way and I clean up when finished.

  50. Looking on your desk makes me feel like scrapping! Wonder how that Studio Calico flower looks on a page. Look forward to your next class at BPS. Loved the Use your Stash class! THanks for the chance to win!

  51. love the peek into your scrapping life right now May. Thanks for the chance to win…super yummy giveaway!

  52. May, you did an awesome job of squeezing all those goodies into 59 seconds. ‘Love them!! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  53. I agree – Coolest paper punch. Ever. Glad to hear another Big Picture class is in the works 🙂

  54. I really hope we are talking a Christmas BPC class. I have so many gifts to work on and my 25 days of Christmas book. That said I love your classes so really I’m just happy to hear that you have another one in the works. Toil and Trouble how cool!! I’m in love with Girls Paperie! Tinsel and Twig is awesome too! Thanks for everything! By the way you look awesome!!

  55. I wish I could say my desk looks the same way but that would mean that my scrap room is actually unpacked and I’m able to use it. I’m kinda jealous!

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