Oats + fruit (not really crisp)

Earlier this month I posted pictures and the recipe for my cherry peach crisp – it is delicious of course. I wondered if I could make a “no dessert rule” friendly version that I could have now. Basically the rules I’ve made are for no cookies, cakes, candies, etc… but fruit and ‘healthy’ alternatives are definitely ok. So I mixed some frozen black cherries + peach slices with oats in a ramekin. Then I added a few teaspoons of apple juice, topped with a dash of shredded coconut and a few dabs of butter and baked for about 25minutes at 350. I would have put almonds, but I didn’t have any.

I ended up sprinkling about 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar on top – otherwise it was just too BLAH. I figured since I’d sugar my oatmeal this tiny amount was ok. It was more like hot oatmeal than crisp, but the butter + coconut that had topped it did add a crunch and goodness I suppose. It was good, I didn’t throw it out (and as you can see above I’d eaten 1/2 before I remembered to photograph!) but I would make it the real way if given the option.

3 thoughts on “Oats + fruit (not really crisp)”

  1. Wow, that sounds very good! I love crispy stuff, but I´m not that into soggy… If you spread it out in a thin layer before putting it in the oven, I´m sure more of it would be crispy. And what about changing the butter and the brown sugar with honey? Sprinkeling a bit of golden goodness on top of your not so crispy crisp before cooking would maybe help with the crispness?


  2. I really don’t like the flavor of honey with this. I have tried it actually. I guess I didn’t explain what I meant by “crisp-ness” very well. I just mean the taste of one of my fruit crisps – it’s the nut + oat + butter + brown sugar topping combo in my traditional crisps that I really missed here. Normally I’d load up the butter & sugar on topping. 😉

    Thanks for the ideas though!

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