5minute creative.

I challenge you, right now, busy or not to do something creative for 5 minutes. It doesn’t have to be something completed, you just have to put the time in.

You see, I’m a big believer in a few things, but for today’s post you should know:

  • I don’t buy the “too busy” excuse from people for the most part. Whatever you’re excusing, we’re all busy and we all have loads of things to do/people to see/places to go. You sometimes should/will choose other things over creative time – it may very well be the right choice – but there is always a choice. Likewise with family time and everything else in life. You’re choosing what you do with your time. OWN that it’s your choice, and feel good about what you do.  
  • I believe creativity is a muscle that must be exercised on a regular basis if you want to grow/improve/enjoy it. 4 min or 4hrs – makes no difference to me – just so long as I do something each day.

With that said, here are 5 things I did in the 15 minutes I’ve squeezed into this insanely busy day:

1. Sort out some embellishments. I gathered & hung these on a peg with help of a handy binder ring. LOVE those things!

2. Add photos to your ‘to be scrapped’ area. I sorted (the labels on my ancient photo box no longer apply – I sort merely by ‘scrap page subject’ in available slots) pictures and started the wheels in motion for my next scrap session.

3. Experiment. I’m still trying to understand Copic markers, so I was playing on a scratch paper understanding the brush stroke and how it might work. Practice is good!

4. Start a new project. Just get those first few glimpses of what might be. Gather some inspiration, get the wheels turning…

5. Jot down some notes for journaling, ideas, or things you want to make in future.

In other words, try your hand at some little step that will enhance your creativity the next time you’ve got more than 5 minutes – or simply keep at it with a few minutes here & there. Those minutes add up and a lot of fun can be had…  

Tomorrow I’ll take one of these starters and turn it into a full blown project. Stay tuned. Right now I’ve got a hot date to hit the town with my fireman…

11 thoughts on “5minute creative.”

  1. I love this post! People are shocked when I tell them that I scrapbook every single day… how could I possibly have the time, they ask? Well, I MAKE the time. Usually it’s only 5 or 10 minutes, but I do it every.single.day. It’s a priority to have that tiny bit of me-time. It makes me happy to be creative.

  2. Thanks for sharing this. I know you stated some of this in your podcast! (See I did listen to it!) 🙂

  3. I completely agree that creativity needs to be exercised to be used and/or enjoyed. I also do something “scrappy” every single day, like Cindy mentioned. It may not be starting and completing a masterpiece of a layout, but I may work with my photos (organizing, purging, uploading), print out some sketches, read an e-book or a blog, move paper around on my desk, jot down journaling or ideas, etc., etc., etc. I love your 5 minute challenge, too. I am at work, but I just printed a bunch of sketches in some downtime. I know you said, “No excuses,” but can I be excused for being at work, pretty please? 😉

  4. AWESOME. Thanks for reminding me I need it reguarly!!! LOL
    We can put so much pressure on ourselves to be superwoman & not just BE.

    M xxx

  5. This is great and if I didn’t do things in 5 to 10 minute time slots…I would never get to scrapbook! I’m looking forward to hearing how you like the copic markers. I’ve looked at them a few times and they intrigue me but I haven’t played yet.

  6. You did alot in 15 minutes 🙂
    Will it count that I am taking lots of pics today {going to Pa. to visit my Dad for his 89th b-day}???
    Have a great weekend…

  7. This is a great reminder! I am a crazy mother with 4 yr old twins who started a masters degree this spring. My craft table is now a study table. sigh* But I “sneak” in a few minutes here and there to craft otherwise I’m certifiably crazy!

  8. heard your podcast and i agree on the no excuses just do it thought.
    i haven’t bought the copic markers yet, one reason is i couldn’t find them any where until just this past week we went into denver and i saw them at Archivers but i still didn’t get any. let me know how you like them. are they just for stamping? because i was under the impression that was the case.

  9. I also craft every single day. As I´m still ill after 3 years, and not able to work, I keep my self occupied, and “practise” my concentration for at least 5 hours a day. I´m using my creativity and scrapping as a way back to work 🙂

    I´m wondering if you are using the right paper with your Copics? I never got the hang of my Tria markers until I got the proper paper. (I use the Letraset Heavyweight Cartridge Paper) The ink glides on much smoother, and I´m now able to do shadowing and everything!

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