Happy Monday.

Happy Monday all! It’s been a wild ride of a weekend! Birthday parties, baseball games, ballet, 2 year old girls who don’t want to go to sleep… crazy. My productivity has been way down, but I’m back! I’m so excited for this week to begin for a number of reasons, and I’ve got a few bits to share now…

I turned in the last of Camp Scrap to Big Picture – now I just need to sit back and wait for class to start in June. SO excited!! Registration opens later this week – I’ll share more then. Above is a sneaky peek – I felt like the title was appropriate for how I’m feeling right about now.

Somebody (named Elizabeth) had a fabulous dr. appointment today, and we turned in her paperwork to the school so she’s OFICIALLY all ready for Kindergarten in a few months. She’s so ready for it.

Not to be outdone, somebody else in this house has taken 10 steps back (away from) potty training. I know she’ll come around, there are a number of incentives just waiting for her to decide to put on her big girl panties (literally). She’s also taken to not going to sleep untilย 9pm, and since that is just NOT ok, we’re seeing about getting rid of afternoon nap. Only time will tell with the almighty stubborn one.

I’m working up a creative storm! Now that the wild weekend is over (and my Big Picture work turned in) I am playing with some kits. Above is a peek of one page I’m in the planning process on. Much to be revealed this week – I’m so excited!!!

Have a great Monday-

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  1. I feel your pain! The boy (3+ years old) still isn’t potty trained successfully (exhausting!) and doesn’t go to sleep until at least 9pm…usually 10. Don’t get me wrong, he’s in bed by 8pm. But he talks/sings/tells stories until LATE. And there’s no stopping him! ARGH. Did I mention he hasn’t napped since he was 22 months?

    Gotta love stubborn kids! Praying the new baby won’t be the same…lol.

  2. Very cool ๐Ÿ™‚

    May, when you get a chance can you talk more about your Camp Scrap class? I’m curious – assigning us different projects, or layouts, or ??? Thanks!

  3. You’re going to hear a LOT about Camp Scrap over the next 2 months! ๐Ÿ™‚

    The short version though, is that I will give you loose “assignments” (sketches, technique ideas, etc) and you’re free to interpret, copy, or go your own way. It’s more of a relaxed ‘do what inspires you – here’s some starting inspiration’ style than a strict “learn this, do this, here’s the specific lesson this week” type of class. I did this because I wanted you to spend more time playing, less time thinking. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Info is all up on Big Picture and I talk about it in my interview with Amy Coon on http://www.thepaperlife.com if you want to hear more. Otherwise stay tuned – there is lots of info coming!!


  4. Isin’t it amazing how fast they grow. I registered my little girl for kindergarten last week. I just have to turn in her physical and we’ll be 100% completed. But I love back to school shopping so that will be alot of fun. All the pretty pink things I’ll get to buy.

  5. Love the sneaky peeks! I have so much scrapping I’m dying to do, just need a little elf to write my papers and exams for me. Sigh.

  6. those girls are so beautiful. I don’t know how you do everything and still find time to craft. Kudos!

  7. Wow kindergarten! How exciting! Rebecca will potty train when she’s ready! it’s frustrating for you for now, but she’ll do good!
    Can’t wait for your BPS class … and i”ll be signing up no matter what this time around!

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