I’ve got your crazy.

Not just crazy, but I’ve got a LOT to say to you people. No, really. True story:

The last 2 days I thought I blogged… and haven’t. Why? How could I loose it quite so much? Pretty simple actually, and I’m going to go with a totally random post and save my other ideas for some other time in an effort to explain. See, I’m in a super inspired zone right now. While I believe in (and practice) exercising creativity daily, sometimes it’s more impressive than others. Once in a rare while, it goes so bezerk I have to resort to note taking in an effort to log the ideas so I can re-visit them later. While this is really great in so many ways, it’s actually hard on me because my brain is moving faster than my hands and I sometimes THINK of something but don’t see it through but think I did.

Like blogging in my mind only.

This is rare, for me to be on hyper-drive, but I embrace and make the most of these flashes. If you’re a Chuck fan then I can best explain it as like when Chuck flashes on all the moves he’s about to make… but with crafts and stuff. So, here’s what I’m thinking about right now…  

Ooh, vintage sparklers from Webster’s Pages so pretty. Very excited to have some in my hands at long last!! Oh, and speaking of pretty I want to watch Emma again, maybe tonight. The scene by the stream? love that scene.

I think I’d like working with vintage inspired stuff while watching one of my faves. Oh! I need hot tea and a treat. Dang it, I can’t have treats tonight. Plus I want something more energized for working with the new kit from Little Black Dress tonight anyhow.

I like the new color trend report Nancy did at www.scrapbookupdate.com. Good colors especially Oyster Gray and Lagoon. Don’t I have some articles to finish for her? Darn it yes I do. I’d better get to that when I finish here with my odd ball blog. I need new Pandora stations + ipod tunes too. Add that to my list for new inspiration.

Dang it I need to make J his (joke) pillowcase with the hilarious ‘hunk’ fabric I ordered. I think it’s been 5 months now with no sewing. INSANE!

Speaking of on-line ordering I NEED more from www.shopevalicious.com. I know I could in theory make my own button flowers and felt accents, but I’m lazy about that stuff and I LOVE what she makes. Add that to the list.

I need inspiration for a 5 & 6year old girls b-days tomorrow too. Shopping to do. Why is my shopping mojo turned off right now as my creative mojo is going mad?

I really want to watch Emma. Or maybe make a page about how J is my Mr.Knightly? Nah, add that to the idea book and laugh later. I wonder if anyone is still reading this blog post? It’s kind of crazy.

I’m totally flunked out on week in the life. I’ve taken 3 photos. The dog got her extra canine tooth (yeah, creepy) out today so she’s all dopey and sleepy… wait how is that different from any other evening? It’s not.

Have I mentioned Sparklers by Webster’s pages? I really need to get off-line and get my hands on these things.

Speaking of tea, this new KaiserCraft release (Tea at Elsie’s) ROCKS. Anybody know where I can buy here in USA? Oh! I have some pictures of egg dying I want to scrap right now… got an idea for glazes + chipboard I need to check out… Black Eyed Peas “pump it” just came on the radio. yeah perfect pump up and go song…

This was a really weird brain dump blog post. I wonder if anyone will ever come back? I hope so. I’m going to promise a new layout + other more interesting posts tomorrow/Saturday for sure.

notes: thoughts edited as I came up with 2 more blog post ideas + 2 classes to pitch + 2 articles to pitch while blogging.

also: I am sending you some virtual mojo because tonight? I need to share! (I may never fall asleep at this rate!!)

21 thoughts on “I’ve got your crazy.”

  1. Oh, you did NOT just tie Chuck in with scrapbooking- you ROCK!! 🙂 I’ll have to pull season 1 off the shelf and watch it next time I’m scrapping.

  2. Oh yes I just did! 🙂

    In trying to verbalize a creative “flash” that’s the closest thing I came up with – go super spies… errr… crafters!


  3. Hey – I loved all your random!!!
    Checked out the Evalicious shop – awesome stuff 🙂
    That hunk fabric is so funny. I seriously think you need to get back into your sewing!
    And I’ve been waiting for the Kaisercraft release too. It’s just about to hit shops here in Australia. Don’t know about USA – I know they don’t release all of the same lines in America as we lucky Aussies get. But I’d be more than happy to arrange some kind of swap with you? Send you a package of Kaisercraft, for say, some Studio Calico or something??!!

  4. love the fabric! I’m sure the guys at the firehouse would love it too! Thanks for admitting you’ve flunked the week in life project. I’ve totally bailed, couldn’t muster up enough interest to do it. And just cuz Ali’s doing it doesn’t mean I need to! BTW, I did complete a mini for spring that covers the highlights of spring so far–mucho better!

  5. May this is why I love your blog! It isn’t just about crafting. Can’t see what you have been creating.

  6. Loved it! I need to get the intersect downloaded, so I can have some crazy scrapping mojo like you! I haven’t had a creative “flash” in a while….

  7. ROFL… wow..whirlwind post ! Thanks for the much needed mojo !! Mine has been missing for quite some time!

  8. Ha! Nice try May. In reality you are experiencing “my brain is starved for some treats-I need a good sugar rush” syndrome. Really. It’s true.

  9. LOL! This post is hilarious – I LOVE IT!! I agree with Sharon; my first thought is that your body is seriously going through the “no treat” withdrawl. Plus Emma ROCKS and I really think you need to do the Mr. Nightly page about J. How romantic. Keep up the happy crafting.

  10. Believe it or not, this is a normal every few months thing for me – I get a firestorm of ideas that I cant keep up with! 🙂


  11. As crazy as your day sounds (or was it your week) and I know we all go thru these crazy day, this is why I love you so much. You put all of your best and craziest days out there before us. And even in your craziest you inspire me.

  12. I totally flunked on week in the life too LOL after seeing that Ali took hundreds of photos by day 2 I decided it’s not for me. My few photos a day and not minute to minute “journaling” just didn’t cut it. Plus I guess I just don’t allow myself enough extra time for photos in the car etc
    I’m cool with it though I’m doing project life and I think that’s more my speed.

    Love your “brain dump” hope to get inspired by your shared mojo I could really use it!!!

    Off to check out your links ;o)

  13. That fabric is hilarious or disturbing- can’t decide which. Love the Kaisercraft!!

  14. I am glad you are mojoed up cause I ma clueless right now. Pass some on to me please! I have some pics of the President I need to scrap. He is in Asheville NC where I live right now on vacation! So excited. Love the fabric for you hubby!! Tooooooo funnnnnny!!!!

  15. Oh, so nice to see that someone other has a brain that goes off sometimes. My brain is like that close to every minute of every day. Some days it is difficult to keep up 🙂

    After I started blogging about a year ago I´ve started thinking in blogposts… And thats not all, I´m thinking in English instead of Norwegian…. Hmm, maybe I need some help… hehehe

  16. Too funny May! LMK if you can’t find any Kaisercraft over there and I’ll send you some!

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