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Dearest readers,

If nothing else, I keep it honest around here. I’m a big fan of keeping it real – it’s so much more fun and less time consuming than pretending something else, don’t you think? Today I’ve got a fun (well I think it’s fun) little back story to share about an idea book that I’ve been published in.

I am terrible at submitting my layouts to magazines and such. Mostly because I’m lazy and it’s a chore. There, I admit it. It takes effort to make layouts that are eligible, not post them on my blog here, make up supply lists, and e-mail in timely fashion to appropriate publications. I’m ok with not being hugely published, and I totally get that getting ‘rejected’ by magazines doesn’t = my pages stink. I just didn’t send them something they can use. NO BIG DEAL.ย Plus honestly I’m happy to share more of my work on-line through my blog, classes, etc.

It was at the end of 2009 that I realized that my laziness had extended nearly an entire calendar year. Looking back it was probably my most hectic year ever – so it didn’t surprise me but I was determined to submit something to someone before the year was up. I saw a call for a book out of the UK on twitter, and whipped up something to send.

You can imagine my surprise when the layout (that I’d already forgotten about) got requested! Today the big idea book goes on sale in the UK, and you can find more info here. I’m excited to see what the book is like, and I hope this venture is successful too. I have one layout in this volume, and in the next one (I think) I have 2 pages as well. I got a kick out of sending my creations off to the UK.

Is it wrong to be jealous that my scrapbook pages took a vacationย  to the UK, a place I wish to travel so very much?!

My layout has a lot of yummy goodies (paper and stickers shown from Webster’s Pages) and is all about miss R’s new ears at Disneyland. I’m excited to see the whole book and get those precious curls back into the D-land album.

Happy Wednesday!

16 thoughts on “Scrapbook Inspirations Ideas Book”

  1. Congratulations May! And what fun to share those curls with other crafters ๐Ÿ™‚ Do you know, is it an idea book for digital layouts, hybird, regular scrapbooking, or a little of all? I am always up for a great idea book.

  2. Congratulations, how fun! That’s on my life list, to have a layout published some day. But I so relate to the lazy part!

  3. I should have added that I have MAD respect for anybody submitting or getting published regularly – it’s so much work, I commend them on the efforts!

    It looks like a fun book – can’t wait to get my copy!


  4. Congratulations May! I can’t imagine any LO you do being rejected LOL! Looks like an interesting book, and I think we could always use ideas!

  5. Believe me – my rejection pile is FAR bigger than my accepted few. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s ok – that’s totally just how it is!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for the kind words-


  6. Congrats May! I NEVER submit for publication. Just not my cup of tea. Love your work and think it should be published more! Guess I am just biased tho! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  7. Just like Keitha, getting published is on my life list. But considering that I’ve only ever submitted two layouts, it’s not surprising that I haven’t accomplished that goal yet. You’re right that it’s a lot of work. Congratulations on your latest publication!

  8. Congrats, May! Sweet LO.
    I hope you can go to the UK when the girls are a little older – you’d have soooo much fun!
    When do you plan a crop again? The last one was fun and would love to do it again.

  9. hey May…i never thought of your LO’s being rejected either. that gives me some comfort not that I have send any anywhere cause I haven’t make a lo in months ๐Ÿ™‚ congrats on being published, the lo is too cute. I enjoy your work, Hugs!

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