Coming soon: my summer BPS class!

More fun & give aways to come. First – Andrea Friebus: you won the give-away from Friday! E-mail me mflaum @ comcast . net to claim your prize!

Now onto something I hope you’ll think about joining me in… I’ll be sharing so much more about this once registration is open, but I can’t keep it secret any more. I am 3/4 done with creating my newest Big Picture class – it will start on June 24, and it’s going to be the most fun class of the summer! (Well, I think it will be!)

I wanted to make something that was guilt-free. That you wouldn’t feel behind in, that you could just enjoy. I wanted to make something that would be pure scrapbook FUN. Of course the behind the scenes of all this fun has been more work than you can possibly imagine – but that’s what is so fantastic. I’ve done all this work, lined up some amazing prizes and bonus materials, and you students get to ENJOY IT ALL.

I can’t begin to express how excited I am to share, I’ve been working in semi-secret for about seven weeks now!!!

(postcard overlay used above by Katie Pertiet. ‘camp’ font is Mom’s Typewriter)

Camp Scrap will be a 4 week long class that features a wealth of ideas and layouts – it’s going to be BIG fun. Think of it as no-pressure just for fun scrapping. Sketches, prizes galore, on-line socials, chats, I’m even going to have instructor skype hours where you can video chat with me 1-on-1. That’s something I’ve never before seen offered in an on-line class – I think it’s going to be SO FUN!

Oh, and it’s more than all that… it’s just pure scrap fun at it’s best and we’re gonna have a blast. I’ll provide a lot of layouts (22!), some sketches, journaling prompts, and other ideas to get you going- but there will be no one focus on technique or anything – so it’s a great chance to play with your stash + find new goodies you might want to try. Heck – I’m even going to throw in a ‘bonus’ make-up 5th week in case you’re wanting a bit more time in the active classroom. Though, being a BPS class that means you’ve got classroom access FOREVER.

Seriously? I’m THRILLED to be doing this and it’s a one of a kind experience. I’ll start posting more on/after April 29th when the registration should open for class.

This? It’s gonna be BIG fun and I hope you join me!!!

23 thoughts on “Coming soon: my summer BPS class!”

  1. Cool 🙂 will look out for more details as I’m after something to kickstart my inspiration 🙂

  2. OMG! I’m so totally excited! Is it summer yet? This sounds like so much fun. I’m totally in, and I’ve already alerted the girls on my scrappin’ group to get them thinking about it.

    Thanks for all the hard work you’ve done, May. You rock it.


  3. Wow! You just made me look forward to summer; which in the Imperial Valley heat and humidity is NOT fun. Can’t wait to hear more.

  4. Oh! This sounds FUN! Wonder how much scrapping I can honestly get done this summer with a new baby…hmm…

  5. So excited to have won the giveaway!! Thanks so much!! Looking forward to your new BPS class–sounds like lots of fun!

  6. Yeah Yeah for May!!! June will be the perfect time to do this since school will be over by then, and no after-school job either 🙂 Can’t wait…

  7. Sounds fantastic. Really like the idea that its not about a specific technique etc and that I can use my stash. Looking forward to hearing more about it!

  8. I can’t wait!! I will be off of work then so I will actually have time to get things done!

  9. Looking forward to it! In New Zealand it will be winter so I am REALLY keen! Thanks for all your hard work May!

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