paper cupcakes

I’m finding paper cupcakes to be nearly as delicious as the real thing, only with zero calories. Ok so they’re NOWHERE near as delicious, but they’re still fun. I’m becoming the BubbaGump of paper cupcakes. Just substitute ideas for these beauties instead of shrimp! Errr… you’ll see what I mean…

You could try to…

  • use small scallop edge on the topper
  • add buttons
  • make confetti out of tiny paper punches for sprinkles
  • use glitter
  • flower topper
  • smooch ink  for dots or accents (ditto for any pens or paints)
  • patterned paper for fun bases or tops
  • stitching to accent
  • polka dot (tiny) paper makes good sprinkled topping
  • use deco edge scissors/punches
  • accent with butterflies, hearts, or other tiny toppers
  • Use brads to top them
  • Use tiny brads on big cupcake as sprinkles

I’m telling you – I could go ALL day.

Why would you want to make a paper cupcake?

  • birthday card or layout
  • you’re sweet project (card or layout)
  • seasonal wall decor or as frame accent
  • party invite
  • baking layout
  • cupcake layout

or just because cupcakes RULE and you love them!

If you’re thinking it sounds hard, I promise it is NOT. You just need something that is 1/2 circle, and for the base a trapezoid both cut from paper, felt, or fabric and combined in any way you’d like.

(Don’t be too impressed I said trapezoid – I had to look up the name of the whatchamacallit shape)

I used my small circle cookie cutter (they’re amazing I tell you!) and then hand drew my base shape. If you’d like to have a template that you can print off, cut out, and use for your own feel free to click on & save the image I just posted above. I made mine about 2″ high, you could size that up or down to suit your needs. It’s easy – and if you make any I’d love to see them.

Happy Crafting!

PS – stay tuned for the April Scarlet Lime reveal when you can see my full layout!

6 thoughts on “paper cupcakes”

  1. Even better than paper…fabric! Made cupcake tees for my nieces a couple weeks ago. SO yummy!

  2. Love this idea! And Oh!…….Do I have some scraps that would be perfect for some of my own yummy cupcakes. tfs

  3. Your timing is perfect. The granddaughters talked me into a visit to Le Cupcake in Graham, WA yesterday to buy a dozen delicious cupcakes. Like a good scrapbooker I took photos, So as soon as I get back to my crafting table a cupcake page or two are going to be crafted!

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