the round cookie cutters

If you’ve listened to this week’s Paperclipping Roundtable podcast then you know why I’m posting a picture of painted on circle cookie cutters. If you haven’t listened yet let me explain- each week panelists on the show each share a “product pick”. I knew I wanted to do something inexpensive and NON tech (since they often pick expensive tools & tech stuff), but what? In looking over the stuff I’ve been working with I just didn’t know how to choose! Then I saw them, one of my favorite tools. That’s right, a set of circle cookie cutters.

In the show I talk about all I do with these – used as stamps, circle templates, flower centers, make painted circles, create journaling spots… so much. You can use directly on your layout or onto paper and then cut out. Possibilities? Endless!

Today I used a large one with acrylic paint to make a circle accent for my title. You can go thick or thin with the paint – and you could cut it out with a craft knife or scissors. I timed the cutting out – 10 seconds. Seriously NOT a big deal!

I used mostly Jillibean Soup goodies on my page – including a coordinating Core’dinations cardstock…

I found this photo yesterday and was noting how much it says about Becca last summer… love the detail and fun.

Happy Crafting! I’ll be at a crop all day Saturday – can’t wait to hang with friends!!

6 thoughts on “the round cookie cutters”

  1. Great idea May! I’m heading out today to pick up some of these cookie cutters..thanks for sharing! Have a blast at your crop! 🙂

  2. i saw you at that crop!! peeked at one of your pages and it inspired a LO for me!! would have said hi, but didn’t realize it was YOU till the end, then i was embarassed, cuz i was sitting one person away from you!! anyway, hope you had a good time!! maybe we’ll chat next time?? enjoy your day!!

  3. No way!!

    I was telling Karen that I could swear there was gonna be one more in our group. Somebody I’d not yet met so I didn’t know who we were looking for… I figured since nobody said anything she (you) just didn’t make it. and you were there! GAH!

    Well maybe next time you will recognize me and let me know it’s you right off the bat so that we can chat more. 🙂 FYI – never be embarrassed!! It’s all good in crop land.

    I hope you had a great crop anyhow – and glad I could help inspire a page.

    See you next time-


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