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I subscribe to a single podcast. I don’t even get how to search for them or find good ones or whatever. I’m tech-challenged friends. Now I’m a huge fan of the roundtable podcast. It’s the one I subscribe to and have been listening to happily. LOVE IT! I love the discussions they have and that it feels like scrapbook friends are chatting while I crop since I usually listen to it on my ipod. It’s a weekly podcast and it’s all about scrapbooking – what’s not to like?

Imagine my delight when I was invited to participate in the Paperclipping Roundtable podcast this week! Ok, so I was sweaty and nervous before hand just because, well, I’ve never done anything quite like this! Ah but it was a total blast. Chatting with regulars Nancy Nally and Noell Hyman as well Ali Edwards made the time just fly – and wow it was so fun.

You can check it out here:

I have to give a shout out to my mom who made taping possible. Both girls were sick and she popped over last minute to watch them so I could record in peace. and if you have itunes I suggest subscribing to it so each week you can get it as soon as it’s available. I hope you like it. I will be here in the batcave hiding and not really believing I got to be a part of such a cool thing…

PS – I’m sorry drop shadows. you have your place in the digital realm, just not in my paper world.

PPS- I’m working on a page with cookie cutters now to share here. (listen to the podcast and you’ll understand)

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  1. I love that podcast! It is the only one on my ipod, besides some Sesame Streets that I get for my daughter. I am going to download it right now so I can listen this weekend when I get a few minutes alone in my craft room!

  2. Can’t wait to listen to it! I’m a Paperclipping fan from way back (actually thanks to Lain Ehmann!)

  3. Looking forward to listening to it. Thanks for the nudge to subscribe – I always forget about these things!

  4. Oh my, I have never heard of this….but something new to do with scrapbooking-why I’m all over that! Thanks for the information. Enjoy your day May. It’s Friday and I thought the weekend would never come!

  5. Digital masking (re roundtable) was a bit confusing…but I love taking photos and die cutting out letters..so cool!

  6. If you go down my blog 2 or 3 posts I have a “masks” posts. It really needs a visual – hard to explain!!

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