Only on a Monday.

Believe me when I say this week is JAM PACKED. Yet, this morning I did a petfinder search and fell half in love with a picture… a picture that has thrown my entire day off schedule horribly and made us all smile just as much.

Now I’ve got a picture of my own to share – of “unnamed” girl doggie that is joining the Flaum family…

8 thoughts on “Only on a Monday.”

  1. Look at those ears ! (on the doggie of course !)

    Cute photo ! That’s one happy looking child !

    Yay !

  2. Great for you to adopt a fur baby….we got our Lulu at the end of Nov. from the Humane Society and she couldn’t make us any happier. you can see Lulu my blog. I know the un-named fur baby girl will make you all so happy with the unconditional love is always in them. I am totally against the puppy mills after seeing in what conditions these creatures live.

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