when unispired…

I should be scrapping for a bit, but I just can’t. Just not feeling motivated or inspired at the moment.

{this is where hybrid comes into play in my real life}

I pop on the computer, open a word document, make a few things. Tonight it’s more journaling papers because I’m OBSESSED with this now. Other options are writing out a story & saving to format later for journaling, title work, patterned paper printing, photo editing… SOMETHING that’s productive so tomorrow I won’t view the 45min I had open as a total waste. It’ll feel good.

Ok, so above you can see what I did tonight. 15min tops. EASY. Just insert some images (these are by awesome Lynn Grieveson from her Angelic winter kit (on SALE right now BTW!)  and use that underscore. Make the font like 20 or so for spacing. Well – at least that’s what I like. Play with it and see how big of spaces you like.

Now I’m feeling good because I did something & printed it that I can use on a future layout. I kept it simple enough that pre-planning isn’t a big deal. Leftovers? Easy. Just put them in my journaling stuff drawer. I didn’t use up a ton of ink  here.

That’s my bottom line on hybrid scrapping friends: keep it easy & simple. It doesn’t have to be complicated to be good or fun.


Ps – dunno why I’m talking hybrid non-stop? It’s on the brain due to this: http://www.bigpicturescrapbooking.com/gohybrid.php

7 thoughts on “when unispired…”

  1. I love the idea of hybrid…but, I have taken so many classes thru BP and am very guilty of not finishing them!!! Help, I need to get past this guilt so I can take more!!!

  2. May I have been toying with the idea to sign up for the class but I guess I am just nervous. I really don’t do alot of hybrid on the computer so it scares me. I would love to take your class cause I would love any chance to get inside of your very creative mind. Love your style and all you do. Maybe I will get enough nerve to sign up before class starts!

  3. Can I tell you a secret?

    I have 2 weeks of Cathy Z’s design class & 4 weeks of Ali’s class from last quarter untouched. (and those are the only classes I’ve taken in a long time)

    I am 100% ok with that. Why? Because the materials are available forever I will re-visit when I need inspiration or a starting point to get me going. If I get information & knowledge during a class I don’t consider it “incomplete” if I enjoyed it. Rather I take that yet to be used material and bank it for a rainy day.

    Likewise, I don’t always want to do every assignment a teacher gives. If something is not of interest to me, I just don’t do it & move on to something I do want to do.

    Hope this helps the guilt – and that you can more forward creating from a place of happy freedom!!


  4. This looks like another great class I know I am loving those journaling spots what a great and clever idea. . .

    Going to catch up on what is happening in your life my computer had to be fixed and I was without for a few days boy do I feel lost.

  5. I’ve got the guilt thing going on as well … I really want to do your class but hope that maybe it might be repeated?? I’ve still got some “Recipe” classes not even looked at!

  6. Gab, I’ve gotta tell you. There’s no scheduled repeat on this class – and if it does repeat it’ll be at least a year minimum. Something to consider is you could easily take ideas from here and add to other/older class assignments.

    Enjoy the process girl – and ease up the guilt!!


  7. I feel exactly the same way. I want to sign up for the class but a little wary of going digital. I love the look and feel of the elements with traditional scrapbooking. I’m a techie at heart so it seems more natural for me to go digital. I hope to start soon.

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