Friday night round up: {prizeS inside}

1. There are mega digi sales going on this weekend ladies & gents. If you’re joining in my hybrid class that starts next week – you might look for a goodie or two at (40% birthday sale!).  I’d also suggest scooting over to this weekend. Saturday the 20th they’re having all-day chats with their superstar team of designers – AND during chats giving away digi freebies and EVERYTHING is 30% off too. WHOA.

Secret: At 9pm EST on Saturday the 20th (That’s 6pm West Coast time) in the  chat room I’m going to pop in and give away a seat in my Hybrid Class!!! That’s right if you come over & join in you could win. Don’t be late!  (link to class info:

2. I’m neck deep in double secret stuff. In the best ways. Sorry to tease, but I’m kinda sorta excited.

3. my precious. If I look like the photo above at all right now, well… gollum and I each have our own tastes but I like to think if distress inks existed in lord of the rings, they’d totally be like that magic ring except for good.

4. If #3 has you lost or confused let me explain in more normal terms: I’ve been playing with the 12 new colors of Tim’s distress inks since CHA. Yes, I’m an insanely lucky girl and I have I ever mentioned I love my jobs?! The colors are off the hook awesome and I can’t say enough good things. For my rave review of these inks check out my newest article here: 

5. Funny thing about that ink pad Gollum is holding. I found an extra one while I was cleaning up here just now. Magic Fairies? Good people at Ranger slipped me two at the show? Hand of fate? I don’t know, but I do know I oughta share. It could be yours, if you simply leave a comment here & tell me what you’d do with a tumbled glass ink pad.

and don’t forget! 9pm EST Saturday the 20th for a chance to win a spot in class!!

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  1. Oh never mind – it’s the colour of the ink! Um…. der! I thought it was new and amazing type of pad like a glass tumbler. Hhhmm that could be an idea though?!

  2. I am sure I would use it on everything like I do with all of my distress inks! Walnut stain and brushed cordroy are my go to colors, but I distress everything!

    I am super stoked about your class. I am going to try and be there tomorrow night…babysitting my sisters new baby plus have my own 5 month old so we will see if I remember…setting reminder on phone now!

    Thanks for the giveaway! And thanks to Ranger for having slippery fingers! lol

  3. Hmm, the 1st thing I would use it for would be on a card. I’m not sure if I’d ink up some regular paper or grunge paper 1st.

  4. That colour looks great! I would use in on my summer ’09 mini album that is waiting for assembly. Just a little behind on my self-imposed scrapping schedule!

  5. Oh, so cool that you have two. They are sold out everywhere! Hmm….what wouldn’t I use it on! I would use it on grunge board, to highlight the cracks from the Distress Paint after it dries, on Grunge paper, on flowers (Prima and silk) and to ink the edges of paper, cardstock, mats, and die cuts. Fun would be had!

  6. I’ve used inks a little and love the look–I think I’m a bit too timid with them, though. I’ve used ink on sanded chipboard edges. There’s lots of great ideas from the other commenters–looking forward to doing more.

  7. Ooh! I would love to use it to make my baby announcements. 🙂 It’s a little early yet, but I want them done and ready to “fill in” with details and a photo before I’m too tired and huge to get much done! 😉

  8. I’d play with it! I’ve never used Distress Inks before, so I’d try it on just about every surface in the scrap room. 🙂

  9. I love distressing inks so I would use it to distress the edges of a scrapbook layout for my boys.

  10. I have the original colors and love them (not all 24, just the very first ones that came out). I really really really like smearing the ink on my craft sheet and misting with water the swooshing a tag through the puddle of ink.

  11. The first thing I would do would be to try out some new mini stamps that I bought recently and haven’t used yet. After that, I would probably ink the edges of just about everything I am working on!

  12. Lucky you, playing with all the new colours – that’s definitely one of my favourites! I think I actually have a tumbled glass that’s that colour, LOL. Let’s see… first would definitely be some inky tag goodness – maybe even an entire 12×12 background on wc paper. And as that’s the primary colour for my powder room makeover, I couldn’t guarantee that it wouldn’t show up on the walls there, or at least on a piece of art to go on them!

  13. I have never tried these ink pads and I would use if for my Easter cards of course! Thanks 🙂

  14. Hmm, what would I do. THe same thing that I do with all my pads. use it to distress my edges :).

  15. I would probably use it to make “sky scenes” ie the blue background, well I would try anyway lol. I like to try these things but they don’t often end up like the picture in my mind lol.

  16. Glad it cracked you up – I was laughing last night as I did it.

    Who doesn’t want to ink up their paper world? I dunno.

  17. Holy crud I would instantly put it with my other well used distress ink collection and plan a cool baby boy card for my friends baby to use with it. Then I’d probably start the base of a page with it in my art journal page and use it as an embossing ink. I love those dang things! They are my “precious” lol

  18. Oh, I love Tim’s distress inks and own only 4 of them! soooo, I would use this tumbled glass one on distressing some of my embossed cards, and us it on some layouts!!

    Thanks for the chance!

    sandyh502001 at yahoo dot com

  19. We love Gollum in my house! We are reading Lord of the Rings with our kids right now and love to call anything we really love “My Precious.”

    I would use the inks to help my son make some thank you cards for his awesome birthday presents from his bday party today.

  20. My girls and I would put that ink pad to good use, for sure! I *love* TH distress ink pads, but don’t have any of the new ones yet… and no blue ones either!

    I’ve signed up for your class and am really looking forward to learning with you. Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. If I had a tumbled glass inkpad I would use it to ink the edges of the pages of an album I am planning to make with some KI Memories paper I just got. Also would use it on the journaling spots and here and there throughout the album. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  22. Inking the edges of pages, journaling cards etc. Can’t wait to get my hands on all of the new colors.

  23. I would love the distress ink. I recently purchases 3. One of them being Broken China and if I’m not mistaken they are supposed to go good together. I still have not used any of them as I’m a little intimidated by them so maybe this will get my nerve up. Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Lucky YOu!!! I would LOVE to get my hands one a new Tim Holtz ink pad color! Who can resist the temptation to fall in love with tumbled glass?? (Not me) P.S. I loved your article on Scrapbook Update too. 🙂

  25. I would immediately start playing with it and see what new color combos I could come up with…I love my distress ink pads.

  26. I have been playing with my distress inks lately enjoying the look of how the different colors blend together on tags and that ius a color that i don’t currently have and would enjoy using, also!

  27. Great article in Scrapbook Update! You inspired me to want to make a “pad on craft sheet/Mini Mister water” background! I have some swimming lesson at the pool photos of my boys that need scrapbooking and Tumbled Glass looks PRECIOUSSSS! Thanks for the chance to win some… I want ALL the new colors, but that would be a good start… (:}

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