Above all, it shoud be fun.

look at that stack of vacation photos, still sitting in the box from Costco since October…

Or this stack of photos from 2009 still waiting to be sorted into ‘scrap it’ and ‘store it’ on my desk. Shameful.

My sewing machine, unused this year so far. No fabric projects made, yet lots of fabric sits in the closet…

I have a point here and it’s not to point out any more shortcomings or chastise myself either. It’s this:

Love what you do with your free time and have fun.

If guilt and other negative feelings invade my personal time I’ve lost. Instead of wallowing in these things still on my ‘pending’ list. Instead of freaking out or turning on the TV because dealing with it all was too much I told guilt to go away. Thought about all the good things I’d done this last week and smiled. Then I made a hopeful list for this week, and approached it 1 thing at a time instead of overwhelming myself with the whole thing. I’ll have fun. Play. and ENJOY THE PROCESS every step.

Because at the end of the day it’s up to me to make the most of my time. I don’t want to be one of those “I don’t have time” or “I just can’t” negative girls. I want to be the happy girl. Yes, I choose happy.

I hope you join me in some happy creative time this week. Carve out 30minutes somewhere, and enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Above all, it shoud be fun.”

  1. Ditto what Laura said. I NEED this…soon. Is it too much to hope for two 30 min sessions this week? Hmm…

  2. Cut out 2 tv shows, skip internet browsing for the day, stay off the phone, don’t run out to the store unless you HAVE to… there are some easy little ways to get those precious minutes. 🙂


  3. Lain’s LOAD challenge is great for this. It gets to be a bit much for 28 days in a row. But it makes you realize that on most days you do have time to spend creatively.

  4. May, great minds think alike. I take it as it comes and then enjoy it in the process. I do too have fabrics, patterns, yarn, canvas, paints…just waiting for that moment. And then I will be delighted I finally got there.

  5. Thanks for the positive vibe. I am a Debbie Downer today and your post and the previous comments were just what I needed to read. I choose happy! And my apologizes to the Debbie Positives out there.

  6. My teens leave Thursday on a bus for a 4 day school event…I think I will have to have a girl’s night out with the moms…first time in years…yeaaahhhhh!

  7. Thanks for a good reminder. I haven’t even printed most of my photos from the last couple years. They are safely saved twice on seperate CDs and my computer. I know I would be more likely to use them if I printed them though.

  8. Love the positive blog post. You’re right, it’s all about choices. Keep having fun happy girl 😉

  9. Great to have a reminder that we are all in control of what we do with our time. I am adding your quote to my planner…maybe it will keep me motivated.

  10. I so hear you! While I actually have a fair bit of ‘me’ time these days, I’m not using it particularly wisely. Haven’t managed more than a dozen photos this year, despite many great opportunities. But as of right now: Guilt Be Gone! I shall forget all about lost opportunities, and start over right now. And hopefully something fun and productive will result.

  11. Holy cow – just realized my blog ID has replaced my name; trouble is, I’m not quite doing that blog thing yet. Lest you wonder who the heck this is, it’s me Keitha.

  12. I agree!! Everytime I have a few minutes, I tell myself that I need to clean my craft room or organize something. I never seem to find time to actually do anything- I spend my free time moving stuff around!

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