Surprise party… with treats.


In just a few hours the classroom will openย over at Big Picture and students will start on an adventure with meย + kits.ย I’m going to go get some sleep before it gets going, but in the meantime, I’d like to kick off a blog party right here – you’re invited of course.


It’s an idea that just came to me a few moments ago since I’ve got posts and thoughts backing up – why not do a blog-stravaganza for a few days to celebrate class, kits, craftiness, and just because? So it starts now, right here. I present: give away #1

Tiny kits = fabulous, and the vintage findings line has been a favorite since first sight. I picked up these little treats yesterday at my Michael’s store – who also had famous Ghirardelli peppermint bark. I think it goes well with the vintage cuteness, don’t you? One of you will walk away with these treats – just leave a comment here to be entered!

Happy Crafting –


63 thoughts on “Surprise party… with treats.”

  1. Looks like a lovely bunch of goodness – I have never tried (or seen) the peppermint bark either – looks yummy.

  2. ok May, this is just super super cuteness in the kit department!! and the chocolate?? mmmm!!!

  3. remember me!! I chatted with you today…but got logged off all of a sudden..and then u logged out i guess…I would have loved to join your class..but at this time..its difficult…thanks for the giveaway are very generous!

  4. Vintage findings, chocolate AND a give-away…Awesome!! Thank you! You’ll find me camping out next to my mailbox with my portable studio.

  5. I look at the Vintage Findings everytime I’m in Michael’s (pretty much every weekend!) and can’t decide which one to start with……Maybe you can help with that??

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  6. Yum! I love peppermint bark and those little flowers are so cute! I have an excellent recipe for layered peppermint bark if you would like it. It is the kind of treat that you have to hide from yourself so you won’t eat it all!!

  7. Thanks May for the great giveaway!!! The vintage line looks gorgeous, wish I could win it ๐Ÿ˜‰ Im ready to star your class, Im really excited since its my first class at BPS ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. How fun! What is it about a bit of candy to make any giveaway super special? I know exactly what you mean about the MM vintage kits – I can’t resist them, either. I do need to get bettter at using them though; I’m sure you’re going to help me with that, in class.

  9. All looks yummy to me! I am sad that I can’t take your class — I really wanted to but with 4 kids’s bdays in Nove + my hubby’s + thanksgiving + I haven’t even started on Christmas stuff I’m making, I had to be realistic it wasn’t going to happen. Maybe next time around?

  10. I keep picking up the vintage findings and putting them back. I want them, I just know I’ll never want to use them they’re so fantastic. Yes, I’m that messed up. hahahaha

  11. I have just fallen in love with the vintage findings too. Thanks for this awesome give away!

  12. Oh May, what fits better with vintage then peppermint bark!??!!!

    Thanks for all these awesome giveaways you’ve had this year.

  13. Wow……what an awesome give-away…thanks for the chance to win….By the way I love your classes and I am so excited to start today!

  14. WOW May – what yummy goodness you have up for grabs. I would LOVE to be able to take a class from you. I hope that maybe next year when I am not watching a little one 3 days a week that I will have time for fun things like this.

  15. I most definitely think that chocolate is a must whenever I create! And I love the seasonal varieties!

    Thanks May!

  16. May, I finally joined the class. I sold enough of my old stamp sets to do it… Just in time too. I can’t wait to get started.

  17. MMMMMMMM—peppermint bark chocolate. Love it. I haven’t had my fix of it yet this year, but I have had a peppermint mocha from Starbucks!
    Yummy prize. Looking forward to the class!

  18. Cool giveaway May, thanks…how did your first day go. I am signing up tomorrow. I am so excited.

  19. Michael’s doesn’t carry these cute little Vintage Finding packs! Or at least, they must sell out quickly.

    Not sure if I am too late to enter but well, I’d LOVE this! Lol

  20. Love vintage!!!!!! Haven’t tried the peppermint bark, but would love to. Enjoying the class!!!!! Cherie

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