Margie e-mailed me and asked if I’d make something to donate for an auction they’re doing at this weekend’s Spark event (wish I could have gone!) to benefit the Susan G Komen foundation.


It starts tomorrow. Oh if only California was an hour’s drive from Utah… ah well.


I said OF COURSE. But then the flu set me back and I didn’t have time to do the big pillow or wall hanging I’d planned on and I needed a plan C. Something faster but still super cute.


So I sewed this pouch and put one of my precious vintage jars (filled with treasure) inside. My idea was that these treasures might spark creative ideas.


I loved putting my homemade touches on these supplies, and I hope whoever gets the jar enjoys it.

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  1. dang, i wish you were coming too!! woulda been fun hangin out wit’cha!! maybe i’ll get your jar!! wink!! have a good weekend!!

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