holly jolly gift card

You might think this seems a bit early – but come 12/1 believe me I’ll be GLAD to have done some of these up! All I needed was just a bit of Heather Bailey dreamy felt + a scrap of trim and flower from making memories I was on my way.

Just cut felt about 3/4″ wider than the gift card. Then stitch up the two sides.

magnets 024

Sew a bit of trim on to make a  handle then cover that up with felt holly leaf + glued on flower

detail 2

I drew the holly leaf on felt then cut out & stitched up middle just because. I love doing things just because.

detail 3

Does anyone know what this edge stitch is called? I just call it super fab – I learned it in my sewing 101 class but don’t know what to call it anymore.

gift card

I think anybody would LOVE to get this clever display for their gift card this year. I’m going to be making more for sure – especially since start to finish was about 10-14 minutes. WOO HOO! I love a quick project.

12 thoughts on “holly jolly gift card”

  1. Love, love the design and simplicity. I may even do a few myself after I finish Halloween costumes. What is the flower made of? I know you said Making Memories but is it pre-cut flowers in felt too?

  2. This is fantastic & puts such a personal touch on a gift card. Must put in an order at Heather Bailey. Stalk her blog often time to put my money there!

  3. Very cute !

    Is it a blanket stitch or overcast stitch ? I’m lucky if I can zig zag !

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