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I’ve been fighting off a cold of some sort – and it’s really been a pain more than anything. My energy is zapped, my throat hurts so bad, I’m all achy and miserable… it just stinks. My brain continues to function normally – except at an extremely SLOW pace.

I have a point here, and it’s not self pity.

There have  been a few comforting things over the last few days, and I thought I’d share. Perhaps they’ll bring you comfort, or perhaps they’d make good gift ideas for someone you know. After all – holidays are coming quick!

So I just finally finished this book:


On the one hand, I really liked the writing and the story overall. That there was consequence, that she messed up, that it wasn’t peachy perfect. Yet the other part of me kind of thinks it’s s snob book. What I mean is – the authors write about this girl who thinks that she is not smart but in reality the only argument is that she’s dyslexic and didn’t go to college. She seems pretty dang intelligent to me. Oh, and then there’s all the unsaid stuff and it felt like one of those annoying lit class or book club books where you’re supposed to discuss and find symbolism and… (zzzzzzzzz). But what do I know – maybe that’s a good thing? If I had to grade it I’d probably give it a B- I liked all the animals and nature stuff.

Next let’s talk tea. If I have my choice I’d take Harney & Sons or Mighty Leaf tea. My #1 favorite is their chamomile citrus tea.


Isn’t it pretty? It comes in silky little bags and is awesome. I’ve given a box of it to 3 different people and they all loved it – as tea and as an indulgent winter gift. Now, when I’m chugging mugs ‘o tea like today I resort to cheap stuff – whatever’s on sale in chamomile. But as a special tea time treat? The Mighty Leaf is fantastic – a single bag will totally do a whole teapot like this one-


This is my Fleur de Lys teapot from Anthropologie. I’ve NEEDED a new teapot for daily use, and this one is so me. So pretty and I just adore it. I’m glad I found it down in Berkeley on Wednesday (aka day I got sick!)


Cindy Gerard is my romantic suspense #1. She writes creeeeeeepy bad guys and tough chick heroines and I’m totally on edge the whole time. This wasn’t my favorite – but still kept me resting & occupied while I sipped tea all day today.

It’s much too long of a story – but I’m buying some wood grain fabric (this one from E-quilter for SURE) to do some sewing stuff.



Finally after reading THIS article by Meg Cabot I’m going to check out the Betsy-Tacy books. I could justify this by saying I’m scoping out for my daughter’s future enjoyment, but I won’t. I am curious as a reader and I don’t remember these but it seems like I would have read them.


Do you have any feel-good books or ideas this fine fall day? Do share – especially if it’s books. I’ll be here resting & doing my part to get better so that my eyes will open up wide enough to be crafty once again!

~ May

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  1. Sorry to hear that you’re not feeling well. Sad to say, butI have been so busy with other things that I haven’t read a book in months.
    I’m going to be in the bay area at the end of the week, you wouldn’t happen to have the address handy for Antropologie would you?

  2. Hope you feel better May ! I was just thinking about putting the tea kettle on ! Love my coffee but love my tea too!

    I just finished Debbie Macombers latest book. Got Castaway sitting here and I think it’s overdue at the library ! Too much going on to sit and enjoyably read!

  3. Feel better soon! I had something similar and now I’m wondering if it was H1N1. Hmmmm…..

  4. Feel good books..well it’s not exactly a reading book, but I’ve been looking through the latest book Papercrafts joy of Cardmaking collectors edition and it’s wonderful. Considering that it’s snowy outside and cold it’s the perfect day for cardmaking and I’ve made 6 Christmas cards this morning. Now on to more fin stuff…getting some digi scrapping done.
    That tea sounds wonderful. I’m a tea fan myself and there’s nothing like it for an afternoon snack.. a pile of crackers spread with Cheese whiz and it’s a completely perfect comfort snack for me. Hope your feeling better soon.

  5. Not so much of a feel-good book, but rather a can’t put down book is Sarah’s Key. It was my bookclub book a few months ago and I had to force myself to stop reading so I could get some sleep while I was reading it.

  6. No book recommenations here; after reading Time Traveler’s Wife recently (which I loved) everything since has been ho-hum. But I did want to say I *heart* that woodgrain fabric – I wonder if it will be distributed in Canada? I was just thinking yesterday that I need to make covers for my machines that sit out, and that in green would make my heart go pitter-patter.
    Feel better soon!

  7. MAY! The Betsy Tacy books are fantastic! ANNNNDDDD they take place 1/2 hour from where I work and 45 from where I live! WOO HOO! Right around the corner (well….) from Laura Ingles Wilder in the Plum Creek days!

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