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First: kit winner (FTC disclosure kit was provided by Scarlet Lime): Vanessa DeLisio!  E-mail me with your address(mflaum (at) comcast . net) to claim your prize!

Now I want to talk kits, if you don’t mind. Here’s an e-mail I got:

I’ve not tried kits for several of the reasons already stated – I may love the look of the kit, but will it go with my pictures – how many pages can I really make with it – what will I do with the leftovers since I don’t have much storage space – should I try a kit club – which one – is it really economical – or will I get a lot of things I won’t use……  I wanted to sign up for the class because you are the instructor, but didn’t because of all these questions.

I have gotten similar questions a few times now, so I want to take a moment and share my thoughts:

~ If you’ve not tried a kit club this class could be FABULOUS for you. You can talk to and scope out what other students and myself are doing with them, and get a better feel for them while working with your own stash. Get comfortable and see if a club is right for you – it might not be but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy working with kits of your own making!

~  In my class, as in my craft life I  use the kit as a base and add in/change up as needed to suit my own needs. The kit is there for you to use – you own it and can make it work for you however you see fit!

~ Never forget that a kit is simply scrapbook supplies gathered together. I do this every time I make a page – gathering things I think might go together and then choosing what really works. Don’t get intimidated by that “kit” word- it’s a good thing. (if you take class, you’ll see)

~ Making your own kits, using a page kit from Target, using new or old kit club kits… it’s ALL good!!! Everyone has different reasons for being in class, and so long as you’re there to enjoy creating & making layouts you’ll be happy. I design my classes with substitutions, using your own stash, etc. in mind so you can play along no matter what you want to use!

~ The question of “which kit club is for me” is a very personal choice, but in class (and we can chat before via e-mail too) I’ll be happy to talk this out with you. It is a matter of what you value – and what you’ll get ues from.

I hope that helps – if you’ve still got questions or want to talk out what class is all about/what it’s going to be like please DO e-mail me! I’d be happy to help clarify and make sure you’ll enjoy.

Now, I’d like to share some projects from the August Girl’s Loft kit I played with last night:


I didn’t think I’d use that popcorn bag, but then as I sat here eating sugar babies & popcorn inspiration struck. FYI – I’ll be giving away caramel apple sugar babies + scrapbook supplies later this week. for sure.


Next up, well it’s a “risque” subject matter involving a 4 year old who is obsessed with body parts. ALL body parts. I wasn’t going to share this one but decided that since it’s part of my scrapbook (and very much real life) I would.


Note: you won’t find scandal in my BPS class ever. But here on my blog? Well, once in a while it might come up.


Finally – I’m working with some fun ideas that are taking a while so I’ll post results of this effort tomorrow:


I’m going to do a few more kits/info postings on the blog – if you have anything you’d like me to talk about, q’s to answer, or anything at all DO let me know!! I’d be happy to share.

Happy Crafting!


FTC disclaimer alert: The Girl’s Loft sent me kits including the above kit to work with and share projects here & in my class. Nice of them, no?

8 thoughts on “kit winner, info, girls loft projects…”

  1. LOVE the Scandal! Too funny!

    Thanks for the info on kits and your class, May. I’ve had some of the very same concerns.

    And…never knew that carmel apple sugar babies existed!!!

  2. Lol at the buffalo layout. Hey, that’s what scrapbooking is all about…capturing life & what makes us tick at that point in time.

  3. You now have blackmail material for future boyfriends. I can just hear the future “OH, MOM”. Made me laugh and the title was perfect.

  4. What a healthy attitude about “ALL body parts”! Totally natural, so I’m glad to see you are not turning that curiosity into anything more than a funny “scandal” (teehee)!

    I have never purchased a kit : (

  5. ROFLOL I was just so taken with the fact that they have green sugar babies I forgot to look at the LO . . . oh bad Michelle!

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