no todd, no.

(Zoolander fans, you understand my title. I’m up to my ears in Mugatu style creative endeavours this week!)

Currently I’m writing how-to, finishing up handouts, and recording an audio file for week #2 of my next BIG class. Here’s a peet at the layouts featured…

kits_week2_img 062

This ribbon ruffle is making me crazy happy. I want to do it over and over again now and I’ll be needing to buy a lot more wide ribbon…

kits_week2_img 132

Right now here’s my desk. It’s fairly clean except these shots of Rebecca begging to be used. A downside of going through my photos is that I keep finding “must scrap” ones…

kits_week2_img 212

My non-mom hours havee been spent like this: create, write, upload for deadline. Totally fun and inspiring – but if you don’t take breaks it can be draining. I have to turn in a bunch of stuff tonight, but since I’m so nearly done (and all the creating & photography is done) I’m going to take my  girls on a surprise BIG excursion to Train Town & a picnic lunch with grandma at her place first. It’ll send me into late night working tonight – but it’s worth it.

Until next time – happy crafting!

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