fun with technology

Every now and then I’m reminded not to trust technology too much.

Like tonight.

When I went to upload my photos from my wild and awesome day with the girls (park, woods, trains, shoe shopping, grandma time… it was amazing)

and the computer said “no new photos detected”

Then the card wouldn’t hold any new photos either and I started to sweat.

my camera? My BFF and REQUIRED for my jobs. REQUIRED.

As I considered fainting, I “reformatted card” in the camera menu. Shallow breath out, it seems to have fixed it.

Still feels like a punch in the gut to loose over 250 photos from today though.

What are your camera or tech horror stories?

I’ll be over here trying to relax and reminding myself I can always take more photos…

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  1. Too darn many to mention !!

    Yesterday, we were trying to take advantage of Walgreens 25 for 25­¢ and on Jake’s account, it kept saying we needed flash player. One box would say it was enabled , the other box would say it was disabled! Tried to download new version…enabled, disabled etc ! Finally had to upload each one individually ! I gave up and need to get hubby to figure it out! 🙂

    Glad you didn’t lose all those photo’s .. I’ve had that happen and oh my, what a feeling that is!

  2. yeah, my son’s 2nd bday. pretty much all of his pics. i had a select few. because of the memory card needing to be “reformatted”. I was heartbroken. Now, 3 yrs later. It is ok! *sigh*

  3. Oh! I lost all of Christmas 2007. Thank heavens I had sent a CD with the “good ones” to my Mom. Didn’t remember that until February 2009. For over a year I felt sad every time I thought of those photos!

  4. What a bummer! We had a video camera go haywire and lost the video from Emma’s first few months. I cried for days (maybe I was a little hormonal, too!). Losing videos and photos is one of my biggest fears!

  5. Last summer, I lost over 2000 photos from the first two weeks of an amazing three-week vacation to Vancouver Island. I had put them on our laptop and deleted them from my camera card so I could take more photos… and then before I was able to transfer them or back them up, the hard drive on the laptop was fried and the photos could not be recovered (I sent the drive away to a specialist).

    I cried many times. We would not be back to those beautiful places, doing all the awesome things we did, with my girls at those wonderful ages (2, 5, and 7 at the time). Ugggh.

    It took awhile, but I have recovered from this experience; I’m okay now!

  6. A few years ago, DH was working in Manhattan and I was lucky enough to spend 4 weeks with him there–2 weeks at a time. I’d only been to NYC once before on a day trip while attending a conference in NJ. My BFF camera and I enjoyed every minute of those 4 weeks!
    Well, I sent a bunch of photos from the first 2 weeks to but didn’t back them up anywhere else–shame on me. My laptop started acting funky after the 2nd 2 week trip–and the photos were only on the laptop’s hard drive–double shame on me. After spending 48 hours recovering a file with 8 photos from my local aunt’s birthday party, I went to a specialist. After 24 hours and $180, he was able to recover the last 2 weeks of NYC photos for me.
    Needless to say, I’m much better about backing up now! Oh yeah, my scrapbook pages for the last 2 weeks are better, too, LOL!

  7. A few days after my twins were born, my camera memory card decided to stop working. We lost photos from the early days in the NICU. Fortunately, we purchased a replacement camera a day or two later. But, I did not download a few days of photos and those are forever lost, darn it! So glad I downloaded the delivery photos!

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