“I help. I work. Art. Nice.”


While I tell her that she is “helping” the truth is this. All over the floor.


That’s not helpful, and it’s a pain to clean up. But the thing is? Every kid should have the chance to cut paper & play without rules or a goal in mind. So I give her scraps. netflix envelope fronts that would otherwise go in garbage. papers no longer needed.

Here’s to a happy creative weekend.

6 thoughts on “helper.”

  1. My 3 year old likes to “help” like that too! Her current favorite is the butterfly punch. Our house is covered with punched out butterflies in every room! She always wants to do her own project when I am working and it usually involves lots of cleanup for me!

  2. Yup. Christopher has been using my Fiskars tools since he was 10 months old…at least he thinks he’s using them! Mostly he likes me to punch lots of shapes for him to make a mess with…so fun!

  3. I’d love to have a little tiger helper in my studio. Trust me, these days go by too fast, and all your little girl will want to do is text her friends with the music or TV going in the background. Enjoy!

  4. I remember the days of letting DS cut up stuff & take things apart…mostly appliances that didn’t work anymore. Maybe that’s why he’s apprenticing as a mechanic today??

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