Go Joe.

As a kid I was a big GI Joe fan of both the cartoon and action figures. I recall a play date at about age 4 with a boy who had like ALL of them and being in blissful heaven. When I saw that “the movie” was coming out I wasn’t surprised – especially considering Transformers success. I texted my very dear friend Briana and asked if she wanted to see GI Joe too – she did, and a date was set. Jason couldn’t see why we’d want to go to this – but he’s anti-movie guy anyways. We knew what we wanted, and oh did we get it!!


First off, this movie was a total comedy for us though it didn’t mean to be. I think it has to be experienced on a big tv or in theaters – so much BIG action. Seriously they never stopped. never. run here, chase there, fly here… go joe!!!

Oh but don’t get me wrong – it wasn’t a “good” movie. It was cliches, bad dialogue, predictable for the most part, and so clearly a set up for franchise of movies. I. Loved. It. (So did my friend) It was everything we’d want. We snickered, mocked, wished we had cool gadgets, weapons, and lairs like them!! It was totally, thoroughly a big summer action flick.


We rooted for the Baroness. Dude. She was so justified in her semi-evilness. We loved her best. I was not a fan of Duke. As a girl? I wanted to marry Duke for sure. Cartoon Duke = my prince charming as a freaky little preschooler. This movie version? Sorry… no. just not. It was just too Hollywood actor pretty boy pretending to be top military badass of a situation. I wasn’t really buying it – but that’s ok. It added to the funny of the movie.


Funny story about Duke (aka Channing Tatum) – I thought he looked familiar and it bothered me as one of those “where have I seen this guy before?” type things. Answer from IMDB? A movie meant for teens (she’s the man) starring one miss Amanda Bynes who I pretend not to think is the cutest thing & watch her movies on tv now and then. Oh the shame! To be caught in my secret web of shameful dirty pleasure – watching the occasional young adult movie!

(hanging head)

nah- I don’t embarrass quite that easily… and What a Girl Wants (w/always fantastic Collin Firth) was so a cute movie. Whatever. I’m totally off track now!

Bottom line? Our Mystery Science Theater 3000 style mockery & giggles seriously made this an experience that makes me smile too. Will I watch the movie again? Nah, but the 1st time was sooooo worth price of admission. FUN.

and that’s what summer is about, right? FUN!!!

ps – rice cakes (white cheddar) totally make an awesome snack for the movies my fellow ladies on diets. I did NOT miss the oily popcorn!

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  1. I’m with you on Amanda Bynes & What a Girl Wants. Loved that movie. Not sure about GI Joe, although I do recall he dated Barbie for awhile in 70’s.

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