need craft ideas?

This project has been my baby over the last six weeks or so- and I’m CRAZY EXCITED to see it up, getting great feedback, and of course sharing the projects that so many have worked on! I’m talking about Summer School over at Fiskars Crafts website. Right now Susan Weinroth has a super cute fabric scraps idea that I’m going to have to try.


check this (and more) out here: 

want in on a secret? Tuesday an amazing artist, instructor, author, and all around great person will be sharing a summer school lesson. Yep, the first guest will be up and you don’t want to miss it!!

7 thoughts on “need craft ideas?”

  1. love that fabric idea – keep ’em coming! May, you’re a tease; with an intro like that, I’ll be wishing the weekend over in a heartbeat!

  2. Ooohhhh, I really like this. I’ve been so busy today I had to play hooky from summer school today…off to school now. Better late then never.
    Summer school was a great idea!!!

  3. I am back.. I just had to say I love Susan’s page!! I love the colors and all the texture it adds. I have plenty of fiskars tools. I do sew, but have never sewn on my pages, just haven’t gotten the guts to do it. But, I LOVE the way it looks. I love all of my fiskars mats, rotary cutters, punches, etc.

  4. Humm an amazing artist, instructor, author, and all around great person – I wonder who that could be ;).
    Can’t wait to find out…

  5. yeah, I saw this and LOVE it! Can’t wait to do it myself!

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