I realized yesterday that never once have I said “if you’ve got q’s, please do ask ’em!”

perhaps I share enough? too much? You know all you ever want to?

Maybe, but I thought in case not I’d throw it out here. If you’ve got q’s leave them in the comment section and I’ll do a Q&A post on Friday.

FYI-  the one question I will NOT answer is how much I weigh. Other than that- it’s wide open.

6 thoughts on “questions?”

  1. Well I’ve got one!
    What cardstock do you prefer to use? I notice that in your “creative mess” shot you have a core’dinations stack or two, is this what you prefer or do you use whatever takes your fancy?

  2. Hi May,

    Are you going to do a repeat of any of your classes? I missed out on your Crazy about Kits class last year.

  3. Okay…funny, though…there are probably more questions I could come up with that you wouldn’t answer! LOL! But, I won’t torture you…I would like to know what your SINGLE favorite Fiskars product is. I have tons of their stuff and I love it, but I would love to know your favorite because you have WAY more than I do! LOL!

  4. I wouldn’t ask ANYONE what they weigh! That’s just rude!

    I was wondering how you organize your albums, store photos, etc. I have been reading Stacy Julian’s Photo Freedom book and I absolutely am in LOVE with her concept of non-chronological scrapping and storage. I’m still trying to figure out how to modify it to fit my life (and lack of scrapping space!). Just wondering what system you like. Thanks!

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