working for – or during the weekend?

First: congrats to KateT for winning the adhesive prize in my 5.25 post! E-mail me mflaum (at) to claim your goodies!

Now, are you working for or during the weekend? Me, a bit of both. Since I live in a house where weekends are not more special than weekdays (Jason can work ANY day- therefore our ‘weekend’ might be tues/wed!) there usually isn’t a distinct ‘woo hoo Saturday is coming’ feeling around here.

Especially this week.

This week, I’m going “June 1st is coming! watch out!!!” and scrambling to get about 10,000 things done on time so that when June 1 hits I can breathe a big sigh of relief, kick my feet up, and enjoy a few much deserved days off.

So what’s the kink in all this? We’ve had an INSANELY busy social calendar this week (for us, anyway) and my time is more divided than ever.  I’m going underground to my bat lair for a day or two- and while I’m down there work, work, working here’s another give-away opportunity!

I’m going to fill a padded envelope with fun creative goodies. Ribbon, buttons, stickers, chipboard… just a grab bag ‘o fun. Want it? Just leave a comment here!

27 thoughts on “working for – or during the weekend?”

  1. May has been a crazy busy month for us too. We’ve had out-of-state company, had a big b-day party for my dad, had lunch with friends, having dinner with friends tomorrow, had the house re-roofed, having a portion of the property cleared today & tomorrow, & this Sat. we’re having bar-b-que for about 30 people…yikes. I guess I should get off of the computer and start cleaning the house & washing windows etc. Like you, I’ll be happy to see June 1st arrive.

  2. I think this time of year is always crazy busy!

    I was looking for buttons just last night! it’s amazing how things become popular again! I’m going to have to ask MIL if she has any she can part with!

    Have a great day! June will be here too soon!

  3. Definitely working for the weekend here, now that I’ve got a steady gig for awhile. Somehow, 2 days just isn’t enough to cram the rest of life into, kwim? But with 12+ hour days at the office this week, I’m sure trying!

    I cannot believe the end of May is here – and I don’t see June slowing down any, either!

  4. Your goodies are the best! And her dress reminds me of special scrapbook paper. Although with a house full of boys we are lacking pink on the inside…we have lots of it around the outside with all my flowers (which fill the house in the summer). I do, however, scrap my cat in pink…and put bows in her hair! LOL!.

  5. Wow sounds like you are super busy. I would LOVE to win a bag of fun. I love your girls photos.

  6. May is out of control here also. School ends tomorrow so June 1st is the start of summer weekdays. Looking forward to not having to get everyone up for school.

  7. Just got back from vacation and trying to catch up on all the blogging I have missed. I guess I should be unpacking :o)

  8. It always happens to me – when I feel like being productive I am pulled in 1000 directions. Thanks for the chance at a bag of fun 🙂

  9. My husband just started a second job and it has created insanity in our house! He does that one some nights and some weekends plus teaching during the day, so I don’t even know his schedule anymore! LOL!

  10. NO special plans this weekend. Just catch up on housework and HOPEFULLY either clean my scrap table or scrapbook.

  11. I don’t have any special plans for the weekend but I am definitely looking forward to being off from work!

  12. I usually work for the weekend. I look forward to the weekends b/c that is when the whole family is together and get to spend time with onw other. All five of us.

  13. I know….Why does it seems so much busier in the summer than other times of year

  14. weekend list: yoga, scrap, plant herbs, read, and keep fingers crossed for the goody packet!

  15. Well we aren’t working this weekend in fact we have both just stared some time off – DH has 2 weeks off and I have 5 days off, we plan to go to the movies, do some shopping, catch up with some friends and generally relax.

  16. I hope you have a productive underground and “come out ” ahead to enjoy some fun and relaxation.

  17. No special plans for me. I stay home with the the kids during the week and I work on weekends. Sucks since I always miss out on the family outing but with the a baby on the way I have to make a little diaper money. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Summer time is always busy, sorry to hear it’s crazy busy for you!! You are a trooper though you will get through it all with a smile on your face 🙂

  19. Unfortunately, we’re working this weekend, I’ve got weeds galore in my flower beds that are just begging to be pulled.

    Have fun.

  20. Weekends are no different than any other day of the week. My DH works alot, so weekends are no big deal. Really sad, cuz my bday is this weekend, and he is working.. Can’t wait to check out all that is new at fiskars. I enjoy reading your blog!! I hope your weekend is good!!

  21. I am going to a crop tomorrow night but I have no idea what I am going to work on while I am there. Hopefully I will get a chance to plan something tomorrow before a t-ball game. Have a great weekend and get lots accomplished.

  22. good luck in your lair creating and meeting your deadlines! thanks for the chance to win goodies…..the pink, orange and yellow combo really pop…fun color combo for a summer project

  23. in NewZealand it is a long weekend, Queen s Birthday weekend, so my kids and I have travelled north two hours to my parents place for the long weekend. My Mum and I have a weekend of sewing planned and I will be going home with my new sewing machine!! Woohoo!! It’s my first one so I’m very excited for my Mum to teach me as much as she can this weekend!

  24. Work seems very unrelenting these days and I’m always happy for any time I can find my own. Work intrudes on personal time too much.
    Oh, well. Have had time to create today and am sitting here fuming after an argument with DH. Maybe that will get the creative juices working more!

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