berry pink

I’m all about Berry-licious shades of pink this summer. Alright fine, if it’s pink, I probably am into it.


Ordinarily orange + yellow with my pink is a no-no, but I like this combo. I want to make it work in my crafting.

5 thoughts on “berry pink”

  1. I love orange and pink together ! The yellow looks good too..some of my fave colors orange and yellow !

    Where does that girl get her curly hair? She is just so precious I could pinch her! 🙂 I imagine she would pinch back! LOL She looks kinda ornery, just like me!

  2. As a Mom of boys, I rarely scrap with the color pink (usually blue), but I really enjoy using it when I get the chance.

  3. i *almost* bought that dress for my niece.
    and i’m not kidding… when i saw it i thought “i bet may will pick this one up.” hehe. i’m in love with the colors too. :]

  4. The dress looks like the new “Citrus” line of paper from DCWV… so sweet!

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