I wish

When I was a girl… ok all the way up to probably about age 15 or so… I wished a lot. I talked to God in church and prayer, made wishes on stars, talked to my fairy godmother (you know, in case I had one), and just generally WISHED. Sometimes it was to have more friends or help me out with some drama… but 2 things were repeatedly asked for:

* lighter hair (preferably curly)

* blue eyes (or green)

Yes, I really wished, A LOT to not be a dark brown haired, brown eyed girl. By the time I was about 15 though, I started getting a lot more comfortable in my skin and accepting of who I am. (Plus I had figured out that only contacts and/or hair dye was going to change my appearance that much!) These days I’m 110% fine with my hair and eyes, in fact I like them. All that said, I have to wonder if all my wishing wasn’t for nothing. If somebody heard and thought “we couldn’t change your eye color May, but…”



A cosmic joke? I don’t know, but it amuses me to no end that my girls both have blue eyes and light hair, and that miss R wound up with curly, curly hair. I hope they enjoy what I wished for (for myself) all those years ago as a child.

(and yes, this is me thinking out journaling for a very soon-t0-be scrapbook page…)

4 thoughts on “I wish”

  1. Don’t we always want the opposite of what we have.
    I always wanted dead straight hair, not that mine was over curly.
    Miss R has beautiful hair – I hope she loves it.

  2. WOW..she is growing fast! Cute as always!

    yep…I think we all wish for something .

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