beards, lilacs, and sunny days.

Well a few people have noticed that Jason has a beard. What’s up with that? Long story short- he’s been home on injury leave for a while now and is maintaining a beard that would be not ok were he working. (something about face masks getting proper seal against skin in fires? I forget.) He’s the bearded man.


I had a older horse once with a stiff knee/arthritis issues that caused her to walk funny. In addition to some supplements, about every 6 months she got a cortisone injection and was back to jumping around like a young filly. I think it’s safe to say she appreciated it! I like to tell this story to Jason especially when he looks like this:


 He just had treatment on his elbow (the arm with black band on it) and I’m told it is very, very sore. Also- the terms of the cortisone injection (yes, just like my old mare) are that he do almost NOTHING for 2 weeks. He doesn’t have arthritis ,but for his issues they’re trying this. In case you don’t know- he’s always doing something… so no gym, no projects, no nothing but TV and maybe typing e-mails is making life fun here. Actually it’s not that bad and I’m just glad they’re doing something at long last about his pain and suffering.

But enough about the cranky dude, let’s talk about the weather. It’s been FANTASTIC here- sunny and warm and the girls and I have been planting flowers and working in the yard. Feels great to get out there! Miss E likes to go to Lowes and buy flowers. Every time I turn around she’s asking if we need more. Then of course we get home, she runs off, and I’m left with the dirty work. Ah well, I expected nothing less. 🙂


The wisteria is in full bloom, and watching those happy bumble bees has become a favorite activity.


The lilacs are at it too, and my nose is FINALLY clear enough to smell them. C’mon spring- we’re ready!!!

10 thoughts on “beards, lilacs, and sunny days.”

  1. Your flowers are gorgeous!! I have a wisteria and can’t get it to bloom..what am I doing wrong??? Can’t wait til it gets warm enough here for the trees and grass to get green. Then hopefully the flowers will follow.

  2. I’m loving this weather, too! By the way, what camera settings did you use to get such a nice picture of your hubby in front of the window? Everytime I try to take a picture in front of a sunny window it comes out wonky.

  3. May, that wisteria is beautiful…..nothing like surrounding yourself with flowers for the serenity and beauty…..go ahead, take that little girl to Lowes as much as she wants to go….(smile)

  4. Oh, I am so jealous of your flowers!!! Where do you live? We are still being threatened by snow up here! I won’t see blooms til late April, if I am lucky!! I hope your DH’s arm is better soon!

  5. Your Wisteria and Lilac are gorgeous. I’m so jealous. It’s still taking turns raining and then snowing here in Montana. Hope The Man feels better soon.

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