chocolate winner-

scrappycandy – shoot me an e-mail (mflaum at comcast dot net) to claim your prize!

I have more, so much more but right now I’m experimenting with drugs. No, wait, that sounds really bad. What I mean is, I thought I had bad allergies and it’s morphed into full blown nasty cold and I was wrong and that means I wasn’t doing all the things a person just getting a cold should do so I messed myself up good.

So… I’ve been to target’s fabulous¬† drug isle and I am thinking that the tylenol cold sounds promising. I’ll let you know!

For the record- I normally just let colds play out without drug interference but I can hardly breathe! I can’t taste anything! This must end. I’m feeling like that 20 year old girl who used to have to take cold meds to make it through a day of work at the bank from time to time. Oh that girl, she didn’t have any major worries or cares in the world and could lay around all day as needed outside of work.

I hardly remember those days…

Off to dose up and we’ll see how much better I feel!

4 thoughts on “chocolate winner-”

  1. Hope you are feeling better, May ! We’ve got the crud going around here too! We try to use the Zicam and swab our noses whenever we feel something coming on and it usually helps!

  2. This has been the WORST year for sickness in our family. I hope your cold goes away quickly and you don’t get a cough that hangs on and on and ON! Feel better soon!

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