good things for a Monday

I thought it would be fun to list some random good things this Monday morning…

First up, if anyone wants to get me a present (to heck with the diet)…


(sigh) the Perfect Endings cupcakes are soooo yummy-licious. Plus those flowers make me ready for spring.

Secondly- I was on my ‘amazon recommends’ (so helpful!) and I discovered a TON of books coming out this spring/summer that I’ll have to watch for. Of course the new Sudie Stackhouse and Stephanie Plum, but looks like a lot of other potentials too. Poolside reading, I’ll be ready! Speaking of books, did you know that you can download up to 16 free e-books from Harlequin? Not too many tempted me, but hey- free books are always a good thing!


I want. I want. (sigh) Evalicious has such awesome stuff and these buttonsmake me sooo happy. I want them bad.


I completed my next BIG class!! Well, it’s a project now class (vacation scrapbooking- can you tell from the peek?) and I’ll let you know when it opens. It was so fun and I love the 5 layouts I made for it. More on that when it opens!

Finally, the mr. is back home after 4 days off with his dad watching spring training and eating at restaurants and staying in a nice hotel. I thought I was going to have this restful weekend filled with creating and  reading novels and play… but between the girls and a bunch of work that needed to get done that didn’t happen. I’m definitely glad Mr. Clean is back and I will get a bit of quiet this week!

6 thoughts on “good things for a Monday”

  1. Yummy – I so want one of those cupcakes !!!!!!

    Ive also been searching and waiting for the new sookie and stephanie plum books also!!! Cant wait!!

  2. Oh those cupcakes look delicious!!! YUM!

    Don’t know if you found this title yet…The Middle Place by Kelly Corrigan. Amazing writing. Can’t wait for the new Plum book!

    Good luck with the class, I can’t wait to see some of your layouts. Disney stuff is so fun to scrap!

    Sorry to be such a stranger, but I’ve been lurking 🙂 Have a great one!

  3. Oh may those cupcakes and those buttons are wonderful.

    I just picked up the book I have been waiting for a whole year…I have plenty of those books this year…Sookie’s, Plum’s, and the second book for Hunger Games. I actually have a Borders Wishlist that keeps me up to date and It’s chock full. Can’t wait for them all.

  4. Can’t wait for this class to be up – I love scrapping travel photos, and still have half a Disney trip to finish.

    Those buttons are wonderful – high praise from someone who generally doesn’t do buttons on layouts! Might have to try and make some myself.

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