placing blame

My absence has been due to a surge in creativity since coming home. I blame these guys.


For me, Disneyland is a magical place. The amount of creativity that goes into making such a place, the caring that goes into the level of detail… my creative side is always happy there. Seeing all the beautiful flowers, the detailed EVERYTHING, and visiting my favorite characters and attractions too all was just wonderful.

When I arrived back home (after laundry and unpacking…) I found myself with a new surge in creativity. Something that was very SORELY missing in the month of February for me.


Yes, I thank Disneyland for renewing inspiration in my crafting… and therefore blame it for my absence here on my blog.

A wonderful thing, in my opinion.

6 thoughts on “placing blame”

  1. Just looking at those pictures gives me a surge May but I know what you mean. After months of snow and ice it is finally thawing here and that’s giving me some creative flow.

  2. well if you have to be absent, I am glad that creativity is to blame…..great pictures!!!

  3. I found you blog thru Estee’s. I just wanted to say, what a great shot of Sleeping Beauty’s castle!!! Awesome!!

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