Since I’ve been sooo good about NOT buying stuff- I still have some gift cards from Christmas left and I’ve found myself with some sweetness lately, and you know how I like to share!

I used my Sephora gift card to buy this scrub. It’s all the YUM with zero calories. (yeah, it really smells like cupcake!) Combined with the lotion that matches it is total heaven. LOVE IT!


Next I fully blame Kelly¬†for getting me thinking about spring fashions and sandals and zappos.com. I’m going to have to have these I think. Ok, I know I’m going to NEED them.


Our grocery store has such the great cookie isle. I may be on a diet, but I’m not dead! I always look through to find good sized cookies that are about 50-60 calories each (or less) but that are super delicious so I can have 1 with my afternoon tea and feel like I’m super splurging. LU has so many that I love- here’s my newest discovery:


and I finally got Claudine Hellmuth’s book. I’m really diggin’ it, I’ll be sure to share a creation inspired by it soon.


Next week I hope to be able to share some new (to me) reads that I really enjoyed!

3 thoughts on “sweet”

  1. I’ll have to try that sugar scrub. I got the Cinnamon Buns body wash from Sephora for Christmas and I LOVE it!
    I was also inspired by Kelly’s post yesterday. I had to window shop a bit at Zappos last night. So far I haven’t ordered – but the day’s not over yet.

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